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Author Topic: Morphine taper and PAWS relief  (Read 2272 times)

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Morphine taper and PAWS relief
« on: October 07, 2017, 08:38:42 AM »
Finally after 6 months I'm off of opiates. I was at 600mg a day for the last 5 plus years but on opiate pain management for almost 15. I used ganja, medicated cannabis oil and clonidine to help with PAWS. The worst part was cutting my dose consistanty when I was at high doses. When I was down to 30mg of morphine ir per day I jumped off.

I had crazy restless leg, crazy pain in my hips and knees on top of my legitimate issues hammering me. The cannabis oil actually gave me amazing relief. It effects my pain far better then I ever thought it could, it stopped all of the nausea, at high enough doses it put my lights out. For restless leg syndrome clonodine was pretty amazing. I still suffered, it still sucked and i fucking hated it.... but it was far easier then i thought it would be.

The ganja I was smoking was the same as the ganja I used for cannabis oil, I just processed it for eating. Here is what I did...
I took a half ounce of killer ganja (last two runs were silver haze and fruity green), decarbed it for 40 minutes in a 240*F oven (just seal it in foil and leave the bud chunky but removing the lumber), dump the activted.ganja into a mason jar and grind it to powder using a spoon, add 1/2tspn of lecithin per 7 grams of ganja, add just enough coconut oil to make it soupy, cap the jar and freeze it, heating cycle of 220*F for.20 minutes, freeze again, heating cycle again 20 minutes at 220*F, let cool and it's ready to use. No straining required.

Here's a small explanation of what we did. Decarbing in the oven uses specific amounts of.heat to transform THCA  into THC so when it's eaten you get fucked up. The lecithin is an emulsifier and helps bind all of the good shit into the coconut oil. The coconut oil is high in fats (healthy fats for you chubby fucks) and when we eat food our body burns fats first and it just so happens THC binds directly to fats.  The freezing / heating / freezing / heating cycles break everything down and let's the oil absorb as much as it can. What's this mean to you and I? It hit's way harder, way faster. There is something that happenes when you metabolize ganja and its processed through your liver, opiate like effects! I was reading that processing through the liver allows some of the same receptors to be hit that opiates hit. The relief I get is amazing, absolutely fucking amazing.

The dose for me, a heavy user is around 3/4 of a gram while new users should go with a third of that at most to start. The effect is absolute fucking couch lock if you take enough. Go easy at first. At first I was putting it into gel caps and now I just chug the oil down and chase it with milk. I hope this helps someone else out as much as it did me.
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