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Author Topic: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times  (Read 4069 times)

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holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« on: May 29, 2017, 09:46:04 AM »
I fractured three bones in my right foot two days ago, just went to the urgent care today.  i listened in to a conversation between the older lady next to me & her doc.  she was there, out of town, for back pain related to many surgeries.   wanted cordnizone only, said opiates don't touch her pain.  can you believe this - the doc recommended she visit a dispensary for a high cbd edible or vape pen.  went on to tell her he uses a cbd vape pen daily for his own pain.  really, a regular doctor.

I got no pain meds, didn't expect any or ask.  stopped by the dispensary on my way home & picked up some cbd lozenges, took 20mg.  if i do thc edibles i do 100mg minimum (recreational purposes).  holy shit the difference in my pain, for real.  prior i couldn't touch anything with my foot without shooting pain & i just stood up on both feet to see if this was real.  it is.

  i understand that hemp derived cbd is 50 state legal, available online.  cbd doesn't work much without at least some thc. i haven't smoked since yesterday but always have some lingering in my system.  if you suffer from pain maybe try some cbd along with locally sourced thc.  worth a try at least, i'm impressed.


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Re: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2017, 11:14:41 PM »
Well, this is extremely encouraging!! Thank you for sharing! My family and I reside in lower east US and have plenty of headshops, smoke shops, tobacco shops, what evs you want to call them. There are plenty of in-store adverts for their CBD products.. My father has been in unbearable pain for well over a year now with needing a knee replacement due to arthritis eating all the good stuff away. I love my father dearly and he's a manly man. A big 'ol bear too. When he cries... it's for damn good reason. I went on the hunt and began feeding him everything I could find to help combat the pain. Kratom, herbal remedies, tinctures of sorts, and Medical Marijuana is only legal to the terminally ill in our state. I had plenty of HIGH GRADE bud myself and would share as needed, but he doesn't like the THC even though it helps him tremendously. The CBD vapes, dabs, edibles and the rest from our local shops are all BS. And doctors will not prescribe a pain killer for him. He finally got his knee replaced last month and is still in pain given the 6 month recovery they expect. Could I order CBD from a legit dispensary from a legalized state? I think I'm going to begin my inquiries.
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Re: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2017, 08:24:27 AM »
i think hemp derived cbd is 50 state legal, but there really has to be some thc along with it for it to be effective.  50/50 thc/cbd seems to be the standard here in co but you can get products with lower or no thc.  i doubt a dispensary can send stuff out of state even if it's just cbd & most of the cbd in co is going to be produces from cannabis making it illegal in non-legal states.  you might want to try some of the local cbd 7 add just a bit of thc in whatever form, should work better.

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Re: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2017, 08:36:38 AM »
I might be a little late as I only just found this very helpful forum, but hopefully this will help in terms of clarification of legal CBD extracts and MMJ for all who stumble on this thread, and it's not gonna be short as it's a passionate topic both for personal and possibly professional reasons (eventually!)

I have an incessant need for info and love research and learning, I research everything LOL! (Pisses off doctors and politicians but so it goes haha). Became a medical patient in 2013 during years of chemotherapy and post-chemo problems - pain and nausea/vomiting, insomnia were the main drive, not a curative as some go for with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) treatment. However, for my Vietnam Veteran husband it could have been had we known earlier, but at least in his last years of very painful Multiple Glioblastoma Multiforme Syndrome - I have a lot to say about that but not here lol - but for the purposes of this post lets just say the last months of his life were NOT spent in agonizing pain much less a morphine haze. He was at the V.A. State Home when he passed, where he was given his daily CBD extract by his nurses along with his vitamins - again, no THC from industrial hemp farms? LEGAL and not an OTC drug or even considered a drug. A *nutritional supplement*

Again, this is factual. In every U.S. state, if in fact the CBD source is *legal industrial hemp* and contains NO MEASURABLE THC which is the psychoactive component (CBD alone is NOT a psychoactive substance itself) then it is considered a fully legal natural food supplement, just like herbal teas or vitamins - full stop.

The most important thing of which to be aware is source of the industrial hemp. Look for US (not all that many, but more) and even better in many cases - Canadian sources of pure CBD extracts. Because of increasing interest in CBD, but no real buy-in from FDA, manufacturing standards are UNREGULATED. As such, we must share this info far and wide for our own safety and health - it's very, very important you buy your CBD oils from organic suppliers and with no judgement, merely facts, avoid Chinese and Japanese products especially, as there's a lot of synthetics and regulatory issues. - so it's a wide-open free for all on the profit. Synthetics are cheaper and faster to make, so people do it. This happened with supplies of tainted L-Tryptophan which did end up in deaths and very serious illness resulting in a complete FDA ban in 1989. It was eventually all found to come from ONE producer in Japan, and the ban was lifted. There's stuff coming into the USA that you might even find for sale in a dispensary if a state (and most do not) does not have mandatory testing of all products. Please use harm reduction in source. Insofar as clean CBD, it is of itself not known to have anything but healthy or neutral effects in global research but of course we need SO MUCH MORE. Also, not unlike other natural meds, we do have specific cannabinoid receptors - which suggests we humans have been around hemp for a very very long time (10,000 years of recorded medical use, also going back to Asia - and not China if that's what you've been told :D) Cannabis medicine was first written up by healers in what is now Taiwan! Goodness knows what's been lost or not written down, right?

So if the CBD alone is bringing pain relief, that's incredible - non-toxic, non-addictive, non-psychoactive remedy for inflammatory pain in an era where opioids are so amplified beyond Fentanyl they can cause death on skin contact. Insanity - as if either were even comparable!

Okay, not gonna rant more atm, but a cool cool bit of information about CBD I just gotta share is now it's not just humans! Our dog and horse friends are also getting relief and there is some early data showing that in certain dog breeds like Shepherds who have a predisposition for hip dysplasia are actually not just finding relief from CBD-only supplementation, but it's actually looking possible that it can be used to prevent or delay onset and severity! Horses of course spend the majority of their lives (like many hard working humans do) standing up most of the time - horses rarely lie down unless they're sick, giving birth, or having a roll around to get that skin scratched. CBD is helping bone and muscle pain in them too!!! How cool is that?

And if you want to see something truly amazing for dry skin and hair - just get a bottle of standard non-high-cbd organic hemp oil and use it daily on your skin and hair. OMG. People tell me I look 35, and like many of us here, life hasn't been easy, and I am decades older than that.

One comment from the medical side is that there is what is known as an "entourage" effect in Cannabis. As such, many medical cannabis professionals recommend a 1:1 THC/CBD ration, which can be found in the branded products "Charlotte's Web" (the name of the strain). This ratio is NOT LEGAL WITHOUT MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION. There are also low THC/high CBD strains that do not have much, or very little of the psychoactive effects - typically helpful for pain at bedtime. Also, NOT LEGAL like Industrial Hemp extracted CBD.

Here's to pain free days without resorting to things best left to the "time to time" or "just not needed" category. :)
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Re: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2017, 08:19:11 PM »
once upon a time, I used to grow and eat my pot.

I can't wait until the rest of the world wakes up to this effective, soft and benign option.
I do not condone or support any illegal activities. All information is for theoretical discussion and wonder.
All activities discussed are considered fictional and hypothetical. Information of all discussion has been derived from online research and in the spirit of personal Freedom.

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Re: holy shit - cbd pain relief/sign of the times
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2017, 07:27:14 AM »
CBD is great. I usually dose 150mg+, and get some very good effects for pain.
There's also CBN which seems good for sleep and appetite.
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