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Author Topic: Who planted drugs in the PTA mom’s car? Upscale parents, and for petty reasons  (Read 3549 times)

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Kind of a fucked up interesting story i thought you all might enjoy

Original story-

By Yanan Wang

The drama snowballed from an innocuous comment made in a school yard in 2010. A misunderstanding, perhaps, but one that no one could foresee escalating in the way that it did — with a drug-planting scheme against a former PTA president, and two graduates of elite law schools in jail.

The tangled and almost unbelievable story unfolded over the past two years in courtrooms in Orange County, Calif., as described in the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times, and ended Friday with a $5.7 million lawsuit award.

It all began on an afternoon like any other.

Kelli Peters, the former PTA president, was overseeing an after-school tennis program at Plaza Vista Middle School in Irvine, Calif.

Jill Easter, a graduate of the School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley was there to pick up her son from the program, but when she pulled up, she noticed that he wasn’t at his usual spot.

Easter started blaming Peters for her son’s tardiness, to which Peters responded that Easter’s son may have been “slow to line up.”

Peters’s choice of words — “slow” — was construed by Easter as a comment on her son’s intelligence.

And it was all downhill from there.

Peters recalled to ABC News that after her comment about Easter’s son being “slow,” Easter had yelled, “I will get you.”

And try to “get” Peters she did. For the next year, Easter and her husband, Kent Easter, a law firm partner and Stanford graduate, wrote to the principal calling for Peters to be fired from her volunteer position, according to trial testimony. The letters, which the Easters also circulated to parents, accused Peters of leaving their son unsupervised and causing his anxiety attacks.

When this tactic failed, Peters told ABC, the Easters filed lawsuits against her alleging that she had threatened Jill Easter and had tried to kill her.

That’s when things really got serious.

In February 2011, Irvine police got a call. On the line was a purportedly concerned father reporting the troubling behavior of a fellow parent.

The man who identified himself as Vijay Chandrasekhar complained earnestly in an Indian accent about one of the parent volunteers at his daughter’s Plaza Vista Middle School who “might be under the influence.”

“I saw a car driving very erratically, and it continued on into the parking lot,” he said. “It looked like they had something tucked away in the car behind the seat. Drugs. All over the place.” The man calling himself Chandrasekhar said he thought he recognized the driver as a woman named Kelli.

It was an unusual complaint for Irvine, which consistently ranks among the safest cities in the country.

A police officer arrived at the school and told Kelli Peters to empty the contents of her white car as teachers, students and her own daughter looked on in astonishment.

Sure enough, a bag of marijuana could be seen peeking out from a seat pocket. Underneath it were containers of Percocet and Vicodin, powerful prescription pain killers often abused and sold illegally on the black market.

The officer laid the drugs out on top of the car for all to see, according to ABC.

At the sight of this, Peters burst into tears. She dropped down onto her knees and began reciting the usual lines: “Please, they’re not mine. I swear they’re not mine.” On the day that the drugs were found in Peters’s car, she took a sobriety test and was brought in for police questioning for two hours at the school.

“Do you know anyone who would do this to you?” the police asked.

An answer came to Peters instantly. There was at least one person, no doubt. A fellow parent named Jill Easter.

A quick investigation revealed that “Vijay Chandrasekhar” wasn’t the caller’s real name. Police traced the call to a Newport Beach hotel near Kent Easter’s law firm, and surveillance footage placed him there at the time of the report. They also found the Easters’ DNA on the pills and marijuana pipe planted in Peters’s car.

Two years ago, Kent Easter was convicted of felony false imprisonment, while his wife pleaded guilty to the same charge. The Stanford graduate spent 86 days in jail; the Berkeley grad was there for 60 days.

He represented himself during the criminal trial, in which he argued that Jill Easter manipulated him while carrying on an affair with a local firefighter.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Peters filed suit against the couple. At the civil trial last week, Kent Easter admitted that he had “very stupidly, and unfortunately” planted drugs in Peters’s car in an attempt to get her arrested. Still, he argued that “the fact that something really bad was done to a person does not give them a winning Powerball number.”

Jill Easter, who now goes by Ava Everheart, did not testify.

“They are both highly educated attorneys,” Peters’s attorney, Rob Marcereau, told ABC. “Went to top schools. They should know better. They believe they’re above the law — that they can do anything to anyone.”

On Friday, an Orange County Superior Court jury determined that the Easters had acted with malice, oppression or fraud in their actions against Peters, awarding her $5.7 million in damages. Neither Kent nor Jill, who were divorced recently, commented after the verdict.

“This was really not about money,” Peters told the Orange County Register, wiping away tears. “This was about standing up to people that pick on other people and telling them it’s not okay to do this. I feel like justice has been served.”

Peters told the Register that the couple has never expressed any remorse.

“I think saying sorry goes a long way,” she said. “It would have gone a long way with me in the beginning. I wouldn’t have gone this far had they said they were sorry.”

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So he faked an Indian accent? That's kinda funny... This shit is retarded though... don't you dare call my son who came from the loins of Stanford grads slow! Fucking "educated" people and their egos. I live with them and they are all in my family... I could see this shit happening. The worst part is, if this was to happen in a Chicago slum, the police wouldn't have gave half a fuck.

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Shows how fucking intelligent those assholes are.

Lawyers tend to have higher verbal intelligence than some other professions. It's required for the LSAT because the questions are written in such a way that, if the test taker wants a higher score, they need to think logically and critically.

Language skills are an important part of thinking logically and critically. The ability to discern how words are used in different contexts. That's why so many law students were English, History, Classics, Philosophy, etc. majors in undergrad.

The victim in this travesty said their son was "slow to line up." Anyone of reasonable intelligence should know that "slow" is being used in that sentence to refer to the boy's speed of movement, not his speed of mind.

Because of that, I don't think these people are as hot as they think they are. Arrogant, overly inflated egos indeed.

With that personality trait, they should have gone into medicine, or hell, some segments of academia. I can see them sitting in their ivory tower, dissecting student's papers, criticizing them. Not to mention the power trip they'd get molding young minds according to their sadistic whims.

But as for lawyers, their ethics are worse than shit. Not only did they try to ruin this lady's life, but inadvertently that of her family too. With the woman taken down, it would certainly affect her son and other family members. Sick.

In addition to loosing the lawsuit, they need to be disbarred. Like, yesterday. Let their lives be ruined. Smells like justice to me.


@Guts, yeah, it's very sad and unfortunate, but you're right. Police in Chicago, and most other places in the US, wouldn't think twice about ruining someone's life, even if it was totally unfounded, if they lived in lower income areas. Especially if those people were minorities. Wouldn't bat an eye 99% of the time.
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being from southern california, this makes me chuckle. i fear soccer moms more than gangbangers. i can only imagine tennis moms

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Soccer mom attorney stops at nothing to protect her superior kids.
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2016, 10:09:04 PM »
And what kind of drugs were planted? Were they real authentic controlled substances or outright illegal drugs? If that's the case, a possession charge should have been in order as well.

Didn't say a whit about this scumfuck lady of an attorney  being disbarred, which she should have been no question in my mind whatsoever. That kind of behaviour defo qualifies as "moral turpitude" in my book! Moral turpitude is a disqualifier for getting on the bar in all states. Of course it's a subjective thing as to what qualifies, but sometimes, it's so over the top that everyone can agree it qualifies. And this does.

 I sure as hell wouldn't want that bottom-feeder representing me in any legal proceeding. The chance of the opposing side bringing up the counselor's past unscrupulous behavior insofar as her son's participation in youth sports would be quite likely. Discredit anything that (spit!) woman said in court with a quickness.

I see it all the time, these semi-wealthy professionals see any thing they do in order to protect their children as being absolutely fair game, even at the expense of hurting others' reputations, and the other kids too. Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick!!

I'd invite her over for a "bury the hatchet" luncheon at my place, dose her koolaid with a heavy dose of 25I-NBome, then, when she's tripping balls, start kicking her in the ribs real bad. Then, I'd claim that the drugs she had been on made her attack me and I had to drop her and fuck her up for self-defense. Make sure her crustless watercress sandwiches were tainted with methamphetamine and heroin as well, so that her toxicology would come back positive for that stuff. And make sure she's doesn't die from all this so that she has to live through having her professional livelihood ruined. Then you could just laugh and laugh and laugh at her when you went to give her a hard time with your complicated orders at Burger King where she'd be working afterwards no doubt.
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