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Author Topic: the last place on earth where clan. labs manufacture Mandrax / Quaaludes  (Read 2266 times)

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i get bored at work as i have automated my day job so i stream the free to air websites between "fires".

been watching Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia and after the great PCP show i am now watching the African Quaaludes show.

in Africa they make the original Mandrax mix of Diphenhydramine and Methaqualone -- true to the original Mandrax formula (Syd Barret, anyone ? ~ the shining crazy diamond ('Floyd)).

... but they smoke it !

for those that don't know, the DEA was founded to stop the "scourge of Quaaludes".

i love 'ludes !!! 💛💜💙💚
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I've seen that episode too where they're smoking them outta broken glass bottles. I've seen every episode I believe. He's so freaking skinny that some of those folks think he's a hardcore drug addict just looking for a buzz and they won't want to help him. Like the old lady he was trying to get ayahuasca (sp?) tea from.

The quaalude smoking is a crazy looking short intense high from what it looks like. For anybody old enough to remember and have experience with them:
1) Were quaaludes actually that big of a problem back in the late 70's or early 80's?
2) Compared to today's "opioid epidemic", was it anything similar where 1 in 2-5 adults had a script for quaaludes or was it all just drug war propaganda?
3) Also, are they even that dangerous and were folks OD'ing and dying from them?
4) Were they comparable to barbituates or benzo's or neither with their own unique buzz? Better than barbs and benzo's?

I'd love to get my hands on some 'ludes just to say I've tried them. It seems like some chemist would want to make them after Wolf of Wallstreet and could probably make a killing unless they're inferior to today's benzo's.

Great show BTW and I'd love to have his job just traveling the world and trying exotic drugs in the place where they originated.

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Over-rated IMO, despite all the hype I never found this drug very useful. In my 20s in school I'd take one and pass the fuck out after a single beer, not even strong beer.

I'd much rather have xanax.

There was an OG Opi named Hamilton, I always suspected it was probably the same dude, total pharmaco geek and obviously smart and educated. Certainly not a very common name.


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