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Author Topic: Phenibut Guidelines; The Ropes, from top to bottom (from drugs-forum)  (Read 5029 times)

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This guide contains two separate parts.
The first part is a guideline to avoiding a Phenibut addiction and information on how to properly use it safely without any negative after-effects.

The second part is a guide to getting over the Phenibut withdrawal, for anyone who finds themselves addicted but doesn’t know how to successfully kick the habit.

Now let’s begin:

PART 1: Avoiding Addiction and Safely Using Phenibut

If you are one of the folks out there deciding to use Phenibut for whatever reason (anxiety, etc.), NEVER use it for more than two days in a week (MAX).
If using it for those two days in a week, make sure that the two days are not two consecutive days in a row (ALWAYS SPACE THEM APART). To minimize the dangers, Phenibut works best when used one day a week. However if you are a person who has problems with anxiety or is prone to addiction, Phenibut itself can come as a big danger.

Using NO MORE than 1.5-1.75 grams, once every three days, will generally keep you out of the woods and free from any rebound effects or withdrawals. Keep in mind though that not everyone's chemistry is the same.

And as a general rule, NEVER EVER binge on Phenibut.
You’d be surprised at where a two or three day binge with Phenibut can get you (especially when consuming higher doses). Let me just say, it is not fun at all. Nor is it worth it.

NO OTHER substance in the world develops an addiction as fast as Phenibut does!! One user even reported a two week hangover after using the stuff for a simple weekend!

Keep in mind that tolerance does build up faster with Phenibut than it does for any other substance or nootropic in the world!! Put that into perspective.

If this guideline is not strictly followed, a Phenibut withdrawal period WILL be experienced.If using Phenibut it is important to be of uttermost caution. Secondly, don't do anything stupid, or mix Phenibut with something you clearly shouldn't be mixing it with, or you are merely asking for trouble.

Phenibut withdrawal is similar to a Benzodiazepine withdrawal and can be extremely dangerous (tremors, shaking & possibly even seizures in serious cases). It is also extremely uncomfortable and even damaging to the very aspects of your life. You, yourself, your loved ones, work, home, school, etc., can all be affected until the withdrawal period is finally over.

Believe it or not, people have even checked themselves into rehabs with serious Phenibut addictions! So it is definitely a serious matter (legal or not). *

So the message I’m really trying to get across is, DO NOT ABUSE PHENIBUT! Otherwise, there will be consequences that no one in their right minds would wish to endure. It can act as a gateway to other serious drugs.

Moderation is important when dealing with Phenibut.

PART 2: Getting Past The Withdrawals

If you are ever seriously addicted to Phenibut, please seek help immediately! A lot of people cannot do this on their own, and admitting it sooner than later is the first step to successfully getting off.

A slow but effective taper should be done in order to successfully come off of the Phenibut; however this can be hard to do for some people, especially if they’re doing it on their own.
Luckily there are other options; switching over to a drug called “Baclofen” until the Phenibuts withdrawal period has passed is a successful method used by many.
If you have to, ask your Doctor about using Baclofen as a short-term replacement to help you get over the Phenibut withdrawals (only long enough so that you don’t develop another addiction to the Baclofen itself).
Kava kava is also a well known herb that works for anxiety, however its effects are very weak.
Another option is GABA capsules, which can be found at most stores that sell supplements for the balance of mood and health (however, a lot of people report it's effects to at most a placebo and do not get actual coverage when it comes to strong gaba affecting substances or, withdrawal).

The problem you could very well run into though is the fact that a lot of Doctors really have no clue what Phenibut even is!! (Even with supported evidence). Caution.

From what I have read though, Baclofen, a lot of times is prescribed to people to help them get over their GHB withdrawals.
If you do not want to explain to your Doctor about Phenibut and the manner in which it works, than you may want to consider the possibility of telling them that you need help getting off of GHB and that you would like to use Baclofen to do so (this however would be a completely desperate situation).

Of course it also all depends on the Doctor. Some Doctors can be pretty cool, and if you let them know exactly what's going on and the symptoms that you are going through, who knows, they may know exactly how to help you. So it really does all depend on the situation itself.

From studies, Baclofen acts in a similar manner to Phenibut and occupies the same receptor sites (GABA b), which is why it works so well at relieving Phenibut's actual withdrawals.
You also cannot get addicted to Baclofen nearly as fast as you can with Phenibut, which is why people have found it to work so well when it comes to using it to get over their Phenibut withdrawals.

Benzodiazepines have also been used by many to help ease a Phenibut withdrawal. Benzodiazepines occupy a different receptor known as the “GABA a” receptor (because of this fact they may not be as effective as the Baclofen), but may help take the edge off. Keep in mind though that Benzodiazepines are extremely addictive in themselves and using them in itself can merely create another addiction, not always physically, but psychologically. This does however depend on the person once again and the actual situation.

Whatever the route you choose to go, it is very important that you avoid switching one addiction for another as best as possible. *

Kava Kava (mentioned above) is a very safe, non-addictive, anxiolytic herb that can be used at any time during your Phenibut withdrawals.
Kava will most certainly not completely eliminate the withdrawal and will not work nearly as well as the medications listed above, but it can at least help to take the edge off and can even be used when or if tapering off of the Phenibut to make things easier. It is not a magic bullet per say, but it does work better than the GABA supplement itself. Keep in mind though that Kava is extremely short lasting in its anxiolytic effects.

I would recommend looking into "Kava Paste" and "Instant Flavored Kava Root Powder" if considering kava. These forms are simple to consume and don't taste discusting the like plain Kava Kava root powder on its own.

If you are going through Phenibut withdrawals and you are attempting to kick the habit for good, there are a few things that you should avoid during the process. Things like Caffeine, Stimulants and Marijuana ALL cause anxiety. Using any of these while going through Phenibut withdrawals will most likely only make you feel worse and raise your anxiety levels afterwards. I don't think it would be fun to get baked during Phenibut withdrawals either (not only because of the anxiety and paranoia associated with Marijuana itself, not to mention the strength of the plant itself these days, but the comedown or burn out as well. Plus, you are merely just asking for another addiction).
Doing so (using in withdrawal) can actually lead to a very negative and even scary experience (take it from experience).
Also, make sure to stay away from certain amino acids that raise your Tyrosine, like L-Tyrosine or L-Phenylalanine, as these have been known to cause anxiety in many, including myself.
The supplement SAM-e can also cause anxiety for many, including myself (especially at the higher doses or when dealing with aftereffects), but can actually work really good for depression if used properly (too much of anything is not a good thing).

You may also want to avoid drinking Alcohol during this phase. I say this for a couple of reasons…
First of all, an Alcohol hangover is only going to make you feel that much worse (during a withdrawal especially). Secondly, Alcohol is going to screw up your anxiety levels even more so (especially after). From experience, alcohol is not even close to worth the anxiety you are left with if you are someone dealing with a GABA affecting drug withdrawal or taper. AKA: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
On that note: try to avoid any substances that may give you a hangover or leave you with negative after-effects during your kick.

Secondly, Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions. Because of this you may find yourself not caring about your kick or your sobriety anymore (especially the more you drink), and without a second thought you could easily relapse on Phenibut while you are drunk, or do something you regret afterwards, which will only prolong your withdrawals in the end, make things worse and ruin ALL of your hard work. Alcohol = BAD. *

Last of all, Alcohol also occupies the same receptor as Phenibut (GABA b), because of this I have read reports from others stating that drinking Alcohol seemed to prolong their Phenibut withdrawals and only drag out the process.

During your kick it is also important to eat right, stay hydrated (flush out the toxins) and really really take care of yourself. Don't be afraid to pamper yourself (especially if you are in bad spirits).

Make sure to stay away from anxious situations or things that effect your anxiety levels in a negative way as well. Also, you probably want to book off a few days-weeks from work (all depending on your level of addiction), until you are actually feeling better and up to par. Because the Phenibut withdrawals themselves can negatively affect your job and attitude, and when you return to normal you may have a mess waiting for you back at your job and you may very well be asking yourself, "what exactly happened?". If this does happen it is important to note that drugs themselves are bad, AKA: Don't hate the player, hate the game. Working itself (depending on the job in terms of severity) can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety, which you really need to avoid during this time.

And again, Pamper yourself. Do whatever it takes to help yourself feel better at this time... Give yourself the right rewards, listen to the right kind of music, soak in a warm bath here and there, or watch a favorite movie or TV show... you get the idea .

There are also some natural supplements/herbs and nootropics that can be taken during the process. Most of them have been known to raise GABA levels for the most part and may help take the edge off or make things easier. These include: Theanine, GABA, Ashwaghanda, Gylcine/Taurine, Picamilion and Piracetam. 5HTP has also been known to reduce anxiety levels in some individuals, as well as help with depression.

Omega 3 supplements have also been said to help against anxiety, depression and health in general, and have always been known as “brain food”. Taking this and a good Multi-Vitamin/Mineral on a daily basis could also be of help, while keeping you healthy at the same time.

So there you have it.

Note: This is a guide that was made up for myself a very long while back when I was still using Phenibut on occasion.

The doses mentioned above used, no more than once every 3 days is what I found to work. However, addiction is always a possibility (especially if you are someone who has trouble with anxiety).
When I went above those doses or used for longer periods than that, I ALWAYS (no matter what), had to endure some kind of nasty rebound effects for days on end, which always proved to be NEVER worth it.
But when I stayed in the 1.5–1.75 gram range, once every three days (MAX). I always felt just fine in-between, so I would cycle like this for months at a time, and I never ever had a problem doing so.
Addiction itself is something to be taken with uttermost seriousness.

The information above on getting over the withdrawals was made as a “just in case” guide if I ever went too far with my Phenibut usage and needed a way out.

I am posting the guide here in hopes that it can help others out who either, don't have the proper information on Phenibut and merely have the instructions given on the bottle. And for others, who want to use Phenibut safely, need more information, or lastly, want to get off but aren’t really sure how or are at some sort of wall.
The information in this guide is strictly my own opinions and knowledge gained from my own past experience(s).
If needed, you can find more information on Phenibut itself on the worldwide web.

And lastly, please be safe and take care.
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