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Author Topic: Thought recording & reproduction (may already be here and nobody will tell you)  (Read 1156 times)

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Thought recording and reproduction devices

Thought recording and reproduction deviceWiki

I'm trying to design one but i can't find any willing participants to scan, bugger-it ~ nobody's keen on that one in case something fucks up and next thing, their brains are trashed :)

I jest, a little ...

The below is from Wiki with some edits that i added.

Fiction ?

This hypothetical technology is a key element in some of the early short stories of William Gibson, including his 1977 debut Fragments of a Hologram Rose, where it is called ASP (Apparent Sensory Perception). In his Sprawl trilogy, it is termed Simstim (Simulation Stimulation), and described as the most popular form of entertainment, perhaps equivalent to 20th century pop music. Whereas most instances depict a heavily edited documentary version, replaying an approximation of the actual experience of the person recorded, in The Winter Market a version able to record dreams and imaginations exists.

A number of films from the 1980s onwards, such as Brainstorm (1983), Until the End of the World (1991), Strange Days (1995), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), depict the technology and its ramifications.


In December 2008, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International's Department of Cognitive Neuroscience announced its own research into the translation of neural signals into images.[1] In addition, Dr. Moran Cerf of UCLA published a 2010 paper for Nature which claimed that he and other fellow researchers were on the cusp of being able to allow psychologists to interpret thoughts by corroborating people's recollections of their dream with an electronic visualization of their brain activity.[2][3] The research outcome has often been popularized as a device that could record dreams. However, Moran Cerf says he never made that claim and only said that such a device is a theoretical possibility.[4]

Current limitations

BCI devices currently are able to translate a limited subset of neural signals into digital signals, most of which are utilized for motor-centric controls of attached devices. The translation of images which are perceived or conceived within the brain has not yet been fully achieved.

Does anyone really know how severly handicapped people communicate so effectively

The Future ?

Imagine the Security and Privacy concerns of one's internal data and/or commercial interests.

Never trust those who are making a buck out of it that doesn't go back into R&D and/or to the community

to quote an old friend:
"it only works when people know that it can't"
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I do not condone or support any illegal activities. All information is for theoretical discussion and wonder.
All activities discussed are considered fictional and hypothetical. Information of all discussion has been derived from online research and in the spirit of personal Freedom.


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