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Author Topic: Favorite generic Suboxone brand?  (Read 2467 times)

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Favorite generic Suboxone brand?
« on: June 29, 2018, 03:29:54 PM »
Like: rev oranges, lime white ones (walmart?), actavis (favorite)

dislike: mallinckrodt

All 8mg/2mg sub tablets

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Re: Favorite generic Suboxone brand?
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 07:33:11 PM »
My insurance won't cover suboxone, but will cover straight bupe.

My favorite bupe is orange, then followed by one that looks like a generic round tylenol.

Bupe I feel completely fucking indifferent to: the one's that are about the size of 275mg(not 375) of aspirin and have a feint minty taste. Might as well be chalk.

Bupe I fucking hate: the little tiny round "tic-tac" size motherfuckers. You couldn't even hold the saliva in enough to fucking get maintenance. Forget taking a partial chip.

Re: Round generic looking ones: My old man once grabbed the wrong bottle and took two of my bupe(read the fucking label dad !). Except his tooth was hurting him, so he stuck one up by his hurting tooth and let it dissolve(people in the mountains here would do the same with aspirin) and he swallowed the other.

I figured out what had happened after he was checked into a hospital room and was going through TV channels. I hate TV. I fucking hate TV with a passion. Anyway, he'd normally find sports bullshit and veg out. He landed on VH1 and they were playing a Grateful Dead concert with the 75% version of Terrapin Station just starting. He mumbles- "This is really good..."

I says- "Be right back dad"

Took just enough of a 800mg gabapentin to be two beers worth, had two librium, and a chip off of a round bupe. Went back in his hospital.

Nurse comes in, trying to get blood, and the old man- who is a tee-totaler of all things, for god sakes he thinks librium is a NARCOTIC- asks her if she can come back and get the blood later.

Years later he still swears he can't remember those three days and needless to say I haven't said shit. Nice father son bonding moment. And before anyone gives me any shit about endangering my father's life- I told them he was a tee-totaler, recently had a hip replacement, and might have gotten into some heavy duty percocets(he did do that before and puked his own testicles up).

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Re: Favorite generic Suboxone brand?
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2018, 08:59:16 PM »
My favorite, when I could take bupe without getting sick AF, were the tiny little round ones with 8 on one side and a cross on the other side. The ones that are smaller than roxies. I imagine those are straight bupe without a lot of fillers and inactive shit so those are my favorite especially for tapering or making a small amount last because I could snort a quarter of one and be good all day.

Then, when tapering or trying to make em last, i'd crush a quarter then split it into either 2 or 4 lines depending if I wanted to dose 1mg or .5mgs. I remember making my last 8mg tab last 16 days when I was low on funds and out of town where I had no other way to get anything.

By the time I ran out, I had gotten a script of 90 trams and had 10 100mcg patches in the mail on their way to me. My tolerance was so low that 300mgs of tram made me fall asleep for hours. Glad eating those gel patches didn't make me OD with my tolerance lowered so much. The first one did end up making me throw up though.

Personally, I hate the big round ones that look like 5mg percs made by Mallinckrodt. Those have to be loaded with fillers when u compare the size of the tiny ones to the size of the big ones. They both have 8mgs of bupe so I prefer the ones with less inactive bullshit.


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