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Author Topic: Baltimore /DCcweird cuts on dope  (Read 2622 times)

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Baltimore /DCcweird cuts on dope
« on: May 27, 2017, 08:42:19 AM »
I just thought I would put this here in case it might help someone avoid having a similar situation and maybe someone  may know what it is.

A friend went to a guy she has dealt with LONG time and got something and did a blast and she said she started not to do it but that she really trusted her guy. She said it was sort of beige yellow and had a granule type consistency. ??

So she does a good size blast(and I know she has a big head so she no doubt did a doozie) and WHAM
She described it as an almost too much coke high but it was not really a coke high. She said it had some some sort of chemical like feeling whatever that means. She said she started feeling hypersensitive. Like her hearing and feeling through her body she could feel super sensitive. It made her vision blur and she could barely talk. Thankfully my friend has oxygen machine which she used and her friend sat with her giving her sips of water talking to her She said she did not need narcan cause it was not a opiate like high.

 Another friend a week later got some of the same only it looked more like heroin. She had a similar reaction only it made her really sleepy but not going out sleepy cause she was talking the whole time.
A few days after that I did something that looked like dope tasted like dope and was for all intents and purposes depending on who you asked was dope just cut with something weird that made me so that I was shaky to the point I could not stand up at first and it made my head foggy but really weird the guy I was with had similar reaction.

What in Hell are they cutting this stuff with? The stuff that i did came out of DC a friend done the same and only did a small amount and was fine another done some and they sniffed a lot and had to pull over their car they could not drive.

So i guess what I am saying is CHECK what you get even if it tastes and looks like Heroin or if it is from a trusted connection taste first if no taste or has a  sweet after taste don't do it. Also even if it looks and tastes right do a very small amount at first.
My friend has Kids and the thought of her not making it through that scared me. Then when I had my experience that was it I am through. I can't die because some idiots do not know how to cut their product and hat to cut it with.
 Try a tiny bit first
What I did from out of DC was dark and tasted and looked like straight up Heroin.

The game has changed it is not like it used to be this shit is killing folks.

It is like these folks dealing now do not have a understanding of a basic business plan  regarding supply and demand.. If you keep killing off your customers there will be no demand for you to supply.

What happened to the good old days of B&Q  ::)


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