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Author Topic: Chipper predicted the Meth epidemic in Aus and tried to warn the pioneer of MMT  (Read 2230 times)

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I was meaning to mention this but I only just remembered.

I was trying to secure a Dexamphetamine script so I could avoid falling into the Meth trap so I approached the pioneer of MMT in Australia.

I was ignored and eventually got on Dex from a forensic psych only to have it taken away by another doctor, but that's another story.

I said to the highly respected, honours winning doctor that she should jump on the looming Meth epidemic (but nobody was watching) by liberally prescribing short acting stimulants like Dexamphetamine or Fenethylline (all I could think of) to give Meth casualties a replacement therapy or to give stimulant users something valuable to hold onto and that they may cherish enough to not trade up - not to mention the HUGE financial savings. Fenethylline is an old fave of fine, BTW ...

Short acting stims allow people to get to sleep and to live a more normal life - the opposite of the MMT philosophy but nobody cared for my suggestion. There is a Dex program but it sucks - no MMT users, abstinence based only and ONLY one pickup point in the city and no more than 25 mg. Fuck THAT ! (yeah, that'll work ... NOT !) Get real, doc !

I was not taken seriously and the doctor passed away a few years ago, having taken no action and resting on her laurels.

I feel proud that I tried to change the course of the country's Ice addiction but why would a distinguished doctor take the advice of a junkie that was probably just trying anything to secure stimulants ?

True story, around 1998.

Chipper saw this coming and because he couldn't secure a steady alternative, is now psychologically addicted to Meth himself.

I just wanted to share this frustrating story to show you that we may be addicts who are never really respected yet we have the wisdom that you only find in the trenches.

How I wish I never was forced onto the Meth ... now I experience a bunch of unwanted feeling as I try to chip with it.
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