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Author Topic: The hero becomes the anti hero  (Read 2618 times)

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The hero becomes the anti hero
« on: July 07, 2016, 09:41:52 PM »
The weather was gloomy. As if it would be any other way on that day. We all stood in the parking lots smoking, crying, hugging, laughing.
 We were all saying what a knidrid soul he was. How lucky we were to know him.
 Man life is fleeting. There was no way to know when it your day.
 It was his mother who had found him and if it hadnt been for the three weeks winter snow. He may have been in house 3 more weeks.
 She had not been in his life for the past 25 years and im sure the only reason she went up there was to find out where the 60 dollars she had lent hin was. It turned my stomic when she appointed herself the martyr. He couldknt . We had solent plenty of nights takjing just about that. He coulldnt stand her. She has abandonded him when he was five. To go off and get married 6 times. Telling him things like she didn't have time for him but now here she was. They even put in the obit that some of her paper route customers complained because they did get there papers.You gotta exonerate yourself because of that.ll Enough bitching about that but it kinds brings this story to s full circle.
 He was HeAds cousin and kindred he was dude was smart beyond belief. If you would ask him to show you how to do something if he had to show you a hundred tines there was never that he it right tone in his voice just gentle kindness.
  Ask the dude for the shirt off his back and he would olso offer Hus coat. Just a chill as the wind when you were drenched in sweat.
 About 6 months ago the deamons started to take hold of him more than we could put up with stolen money food tools, anything of value. Old cooper wire, junk and
It just got to be to much.
 He had stollen a bunch of weed ( no mine) I didn't know it was stolloen when I bought it. So I gave home some cash and told him I would give him some pills when I got my hands on them.
 That very mornining that I got them it wasn't ten minutes and he was bangs ng in NY door. I opened it and would like not let him cross the threshold.
 To him wait there I will be right back ( we had been arguing because I found out it was a friend of mines weed he stole). Got double the amount of what I owed him and have it to him he said "look man I still want to be friends" it told him I don't and slammed the door in his face.
 Six months later were in that parking kit it's ciod and Greg anf d there are a thiudabd things I want to day to him.
 I used to not mind being called hero because I do have it better off then a few but when you cone to think of it I'm no hereo and will live in regret that I didn't look past his bad habits and realize he was so much more. I would have let him do ten times more if he was alive

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Re: The hero becomes the anti hero
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2016, 10:47:53 PM »
I, too, disagree with 'tough love' as a principle. It is by-and-large a tactic used by people with sociopathic and/or passive-aggressive tendencies. It's for people who don't want to invest in relationships with other people, or who are only interested in superficial relationships. The term itself is contradictory.
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Re: The hero becomes the anti hero
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2016, 01:01:29 PM »
Its hard to lose someone, especially when you weren't on good terms with them when they die, but I feel like whatever may happen after you die, they probably can tell what you think of them really. What has been in your heart all this time, rather than just what you had  been feeling towards them during rough patch lately. People in the midst of a bad situation themselves really have too much going on in their heads solviing their day to day problems that they don't always have time to care or solve why you weren't on good terms with them. Like, they still want to have your friendship but are willing to do things to hurt you in the wake of it because they don't see other solutions to their problems at the time. So, in that light, the person can probably reason with themselves and see that it would be understanable you'd be pissed about their actions, what did they expect, and all in all, still know you were someone who cared about them or else you'd have cut them out of your life long ago most likely.

I don't know if I'm explaining what I mean very well, but I hope you get it. Your post eulogized this guy well, there's a lot of feeling evoked by the way you paint the image of the mother coming over to borrow the money and finding him. Good luck


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