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Author Topic: Our Policy On Research Chemicals (RCs)  (Read 593 times)

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Our Policy On Research Chemicals (RCs)
« on: February 18, 2016, 09:02:52 PM »
- We are not here to provide you with sources.

- No posting of illegal sources or asking for sources. Absolutely no exceptions

- The posting of legal sources is permitted, but strongly discouraged.

- The posting of any sources may be removed at any time, solely at the discretion of staff without prior notice.

- Research chemicals may be dangerous and also illegal in your location.

- You will think of yourself as a researcher and will behave as such.

- Vendors that sell Research Chemicals that have been good and viable at one time may become a scammer or generally a bad vendor in the future.

- We don't know how viable these drugs are and we are not responsible for your misadventure however if you feel they are particularly risky and/or dangerous, then please inform the community.

- This board will be monitored for compliance and these terms may be subject to change in the future at the discretion of the staff.
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I do not condone or support any illegal activities. All information is for theoretical discussion and wonder.
All activities discussed are considered fictional and hypothetical. Information of all discussion has been derived from online research and in the spirit of personal Freedom.


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Re: Our Policy On Research Chemicals (RCs)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2016, 12:49:20 PM »
HI guys.  I would encourage anyone considering buying some research chems to check out the review communities that exist specifically for these sites.  They are more comprehensive then we could have ever imagined being.  One such site on reddit is

I think that it is also important that people understand just how prevalent scamming is from vendors.  There are not really any reasons that you shouldn't inform yourself before sending off your money to some stranger.  JUst because something is less illegal does not mean that you are safe in ordering it. 

Here are a few of the common scams pulled:

Selective scam: 

The vendor chooses people at random or by certain criteria they alone know.  This can take many forms.  Sometimes they will identify reviewers and send them an exceptionally high quality sample.  Then when normies order they provide an inferior/bunk product. Another method involves selling quality products to regulars and lower quality or nothing to newcomers.  The basic principle is choosing some people to rip off, and some to proceed as normal.  Doing this can go on for a very long ime, and be difficult to reveal.  Sometimes people accusing vendors with high reps are accused of being shills.  Any dissent seems to get squashed down, and as a consequence people take notice.  A way to avoid this is to claim to be a reviewer when you place your orders.  Sometimes it helps, but often it doesn't make much difference.  It could be worth a try.  You could also try your hand at actually being a reviewer too.

Exit scam:

THis is fairly self explanatory.  The vendor decides to leave and just collects money until enough people catch on.  They will often try to extend the time for money to come in by blaiming it on the shippers or life problems, or whatever.  This happens often on markets, and will often be accompanied by finalizing early.  I will say it simply if you use the markets for purchases: Never finalize early.  Ever.  You give up any protection you might have had as soon as you do that.  To avoid this, keep your eye on complaints and feedback.  Look for a sudden change to feedback being: will update, or sudden lower ratings or shipping delays or anything really.  Exit scams are so common that they have become standard operating procedure.

Fake package with tracking:

This is pretty straightforward.  On a market if it goes to a dispute all they care about is a package and tracking.  They don't care what's in it.  Some people will send a couple bolts and then get the decision going in their direction.  The claim is that you did it yourself to scam them.  hilarious.  Honestly there isn't much of a way around this.  be careful who you do business with.  Order from trusted vendors.

Fake vendor:

Some peole will pretend to be a trusted vendor on a new or underused market.  Once they sucker in a few people to giving them what they want (money money!) They either disappear or taunt the fools that gave away their money it seems.

The way to prevent this is to make sure that you verify their pgp key!  If they claim to have changed the key them you need to have that verified either with the old key, or with a sufficient number of trusted individuals vouching for them.  Bottom line is don't trust new pgp keys unless they are proven.  There used to be a list of vendor pgp keys that was trusted, but I don't know what happened.  I don't use markets anymore.

OK then guys. There are obviously many many more, but I just wanted people to be aware of the types of risks that are out there if they decide to play in the dangerous game that is online drugs.  Bottom line is take your time, do your research, and treat every purchase as if it were your first one.  It always seems to be when you get comfortable that something comes out of the backfield and surprises you.  Online drugs are dangerous and should be treated that way in all aspects.

Be careful out there guys!
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