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Author Topic: DEA Chief's Daughter Busted  (Read 7725 times)

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Re: DEA Chief's Daughter Busted
« Reply #14 from previous page: December 03, 2015, 03:34:58 PM »
I am not sure Makita. I would think that you would be fine in your home as long as you have the prescription bottle there to prove that is legal. I doubt they could charge you for having expired meds at your house that are yours. Then again they can charge for so much bullshit now a days that nothing really surprises me. You can always say that you didn't want to throw them away for fear of someone going through your trash and getting to them. Or that you didn't want to flush them because you heard that you aren't supposed to that because it goes into the water. Or that you are waiting for the next prescription drug take back day to get rid of them because of one of the above reasons.

It still baffles me that you can goto prison for doing something in your own home that doesn't effect anyone or anything. It is sad that you can't have weed in the privacy of your own home with out the fear of people with guns kicking down your door killing you, your family, or your pets just because you have a plant inside of your own home. Especially when so many people have tried it,

I think the people who supported those laws should be required to take a polygraph test. If they fail and have used something they supported and helped made illegal that they are arrested and imprisoned for the maximum term of that crime. It is so sad that people who did the exact same thing vilify, imprison, and ruin peoples lives for something they themselves have done.

I also don't think that any one who works for the government besides teachers and firefighters should be able to make more than the median income for a family of their size in the us. They should be required to pay taxes, and not able to take bribes I mean campaign contributions for lobbyist either. That would weed out so many of those crooks and then people might only do it to better the place. Obviously you would still have the people who are doing it so they can protect themselves, live above the law, and make laws that allow them to profit more and protect their interests.

I just don't understand why we are shelling out $175,000+ a year for the rest of their life to a lot of these people. I also think the president should only make the median american income. They shouldn't get paid the same salary for the rest of their life either. They should have to work and put money back to retire instead of being able to leach off our tax dollars. If they did that we could probably get rid of the income tax which I think is stupid you shouldn't be able to tax someones labor if you tax every single thing they can buy.

Does anyone think that lobbying should be legal? Why would they think that if someone gives them $500,000 a year that the person isn't going to make and support laws, regulations, and everything else they can do to help that person profit. The very least they should be required to call it bribing and not lobbying. I'm sure they would be able to get around it but it would at least make it not so blatant and obvious. They would probably just say okay well we will buy something you own for 200x what it should cost, and give you a huge salary when you step down from office.

This country is so far in debt and on the edge of turmoil that it is stupid that the government is allowed to blatantly blow through money and make legislature that is vague so that the funds can be diverted however they see fit. Do you think the wealth gap will ever change? Do you think that anyone in office will ever do anything to help the majority instead of lining the pockets of the rich and connected? They have zero incentive to do so.

The koch brothers run the campaigns and throw money at both sides so they get everything they want. If they don't want a person to be elected they make the voting machines and can easily orchestrate who they want to win to do so. Do you think that is not true and that I am just a paranoid conspiracy theorist liberal?

Do you think that by cutting back on spending and stopping monopolies from forming and breaking up that ones that already have will have a positive or negative effect? Would businesses up and leave to places with few regulations if elected officials weren't able to take their money to pass laws that directly helped them profit more? Do you think it is worth the extra price to pay for things that are made here instead of from jobs that are outsourced? Is there to much money to be made for there to be a chance at change that improved everyones lives.

I think free enterprise and having a competing market is an amazing thing but I feel that the competition is over and the victors have won and now own everything to the point where they are making the rules. I think if they restarted the competition and split these things up and gave businesses a fair chance to compete that it would spread the wealth and allow more people and ideas to be successful.

I think of it as instead of one walmart you have 5 different businesses with 5 different ceo's and management's that make good money and are successful instead of one management and one family making all of the money. Obviously this is easier said than done and a whole lot would go into making that way. But if all the flaws and downsides of that were worked out do you think it would be a good thing?

I don't know what will work but am curious to hear what smarter people think and what they think should be done if anything at all. I don't know to much about policies, and the government and I would be interested to hear ideas and the negative sides of what would happen if some of these things happened from people who know more than I do. I think there are solutions to a lot of problems but they would have to come at the risk of the person who is proposing it. They would not profit be able to profit off it.

That is my government rant for the day I am interested in hearing what people think about that and why that would never work or why it is stupid. Do these ideas make communist or a socialist. Do they make me a dumb dreamer. If I were in the positions of the ones with a lot of money I dont know if I would want to give other people a chance and not want to keep all the money for myself and continue doing things that increase my profits at the expense of others.

I give a lot of respect to the Facebook guy I think he just donated 45 billion dollars to a non-profit that they plan on using all of that money for the greater good. I think that is awesome and I saw a lot of people bash him saying he was doing it for a host of different reasons to benefit himself like tax breaks and such. I think anyone who has that kind of money and gives most of it away has good intentions. He has already donated over a billion dollars to schools, hospitals, and a lot of other things. I think he is putting his money where his mouth is and actually trying to make a difference and set an example to others in his position.

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Re: DEA Chief's Daughter Busted
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2016, 02:19:21 AM »
years ago i would have hollered at this shit, now its just exasperating...when the fuck they gonna let us live? their own kids are bang at it...probably when im too old to appreciate it any more...
walkin wounded...


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