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post up some pics The Lounge Anti-hero Regular Members 4.38 8
the "In Memoriam" thread The Departed chipper Founders 5.00 3
Craziest Shit you've heard in the game General Discussion for Everybody dizzle Administrator 5.00 2
D&U election 2016. General Discussion for Everybody nick Founders 5.00 2
Is Marriage Obsolete ?? General Discussion for Everybody Morfy Regular Members 4.50 2
Stories of Strength: What did you resist? The Lounge Fleas Bass Regular Members 4.50 2
What keeps you up at night? General Discussion for Everybody QueensVet Regular Members 3.50 2
"Oh by the way, I'm physically dependent on morphine." Substance Usage, Management, User Experiences etc. thetalkingasshole Regular Members 3.50 2
Heroin then and now: stories of two recovering addicts Recovery (Treatment, Rehabilitation etc.) chipper Founders 2.00 2
HELP IN BURMINGHAM! DopeSick. Substance Usage, Management, User Experiences etc. Feedmelove11 Regular Members 1.00 2
Mother of deadly heroin overdose victims says system failure is killing kids Related Media Z Administrator 5.00 1
Wave of the Future? (Disposable Fent E-cigs) Fentanyl OG80 Regular Members 5.00 1
David Bowie 1947-2016 Related Media St. Theresa Regular Members 5.00 1
OK. Dizzle is going to post about internet security..... finally The Lounge dizzle Administrator 5.00 1
ATTN: CREATIVE PEOPLE, Banner ideas? General Discussion for Everybody Taytoechip Regular Members 5.00 1
My landlord wants to murder me... Cannabinoids Zoops Regular Members 5.00 1
How Drugs are Sold in Suburban Sydney Sydney Specific chipper Founders 5.00 1
Time to admit it, i have a needle addiction. Substance Usage, Management, User Experiences etc. 6-mam Global Moderator 5.00 1
W/D and vision Health Issues and Medical hanna Regular Members 5.00 1
Forum Etiquette and Ethics General Discussion for Everybody Anti-hero Regular Members 5.00 1
Accu Vein, veiin illumination technique Health Issues and Medical Spore Regular Members 5.00 1
Your favorite Phile threads/posts Related Media Seven Regular Members 5.00 1
Does rehab go on your record? Recovery (Treatment, Rehabilitation etc.) dillydudeEL14 Regular Members 5.00 1
So, how/why did you start using the needle? Substance Usage, Management, User Experiences etc. DreamerOnTheRun Regular Members 5.00 1
Crazy 70s coke head accessories Related Media neighborboy Regular Members 4.00 1
PERVITIN-the first and very potent methamphetamine Phenethylamines Wildcat Regular Members 4.00 1
Vein Care Guide Harm Reduction Guey Regular Members 4.00 1
methadone in jail !!!! what a novel idea Related Media clinton Regular Members 4.00 1
You might be a Junky if...... And other Junky jokes. The Lounge AllNightLong Regular Members 4.00 1
Safer Fentanyl Extraction Techniques Fentanyl Lolleedee Regular Members 4.00 1

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