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Author Topic: Over 40 years of varied drug use and my take on "tolerance"  (Read 1273 times)

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Over 40 years of varied drug use and my take on "tolerance"
« on: September 04, 2019, 07:01:39 AM »
I have finally, after deluding myself for over 40 years, got a handle on this tolerance thing. I thought that there must be some drug that i loved that doesn't cause tolerance, right ?

Now most of us can relate to opiods and how our once unforgiving tolerance slowly morphs into this elastic thing that requires ever rising amounts of the drug needed to satisfy until high-mileage users discover that there is a not-very-high phase right next to the OD phase (and nothing in between), the more you try to get high.

OK, so i gave up opiates - it was taking far more than it gave.

Pot lost it's shine in much the same way plus I cough now when I inhale.

So i switched to Meth until i used that everyday and it also became unpleasantly dysphoric. I am not in love with that drug anymore, thank fuck.

So i've been using all sorts of GABAergics -- different curve but same ol' thing; soon you can't feel them and run a big risk of blackout and/or death (in some cases, and that's upon WITHDRAWAL too ! FARK !!)

So i tried alcohol -- same thing, barely feel it and then just pass out if i go looking further.

So, in a nutshell, it doesn't matter what the drug is (except maybe for LSD, anaesthetics like ketamine etc.) but if it hits the well known receptors like dopamine, seratonin, GABA (all subtypes and subunits) etc. then soon you will absorb it all, too.

LOL, yes even anti-psychotics and chemicals such as acetamenophen are also subject to this phenomenon. *groan*

The only way you can not suffer burnout is to use sparingly -- but because we choose to self medicate for personal reasons, it's not that simple.

As drug users, we are all damaged individuals as no normal healthy and happy person would bother with them (except for club-drug users); they know drugs fuck you up on so many levels.

A few binge high dose experiences stay with you too, forever. It's all in the mix. Every dose affects your long and short term tolerance, EVERY single little one.

This is homeostasisWiki and DNA playing in concert, working as god intended (i know, god didn't like us).

In the end, all drugs will "turn" on you (dysphoria) and heavy use will always bite you in the bum.

the rule: if it gives you a HIGH at first then expect increasingly more, larger LOWs as time goes on.

Tolerance at my mileage and age is super elastic ~ any hint of a drug entering my system, that is, one that I overused (nicer word than "abused"  ;)), becomes less effective by duration and the side effects increasingly dominate.

Less truly is always more.

The honeymoon always ends and you'll probably end up married to some nagging, ugly, old and silly habit (that you may or may not be able to stop or even trade) that, if it doesn't kill you or injure you, without doubt costs you a fortune too !

Take heed, the drug/house always wins ...
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