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Author Topic: Freaky Forums & Targeted Individuals: Just The Tip Of The Iceberg (is this you?)  (Read 3088 times)

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Targeted Individuals: Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

“Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.” Few years ago after going through a horrible life experience, I happened to believe that people in TV programs, radio programs are dropping hints on me. I thought they know exactly who I’m I, what I do, what I think, basically my whole life. I also happened to believe that people in Forbes, Microsoft, Guardian etc… knew me and they communicated me through emails by writing articles on Forbes, sending me newsletters etc… It was a mind boggling experience that I had. Everything started out of the blue, just after I was having a conflict with a friend. Due to the incidences that was taking place I happened to believe that this friend was behind everything. Day by day I came to an understanding that I don’t have a privacy at all. My activities are being monitored in the most unethical manner. I had no one to explain my experience and by saying certain things members of my family also got scared thinking that I’m having a trouble with my thinking in other words I’m going through some mental problems. The battle that I had to face everyday from morning to evening is not something that I could explain you in words. I was desperately looking for answers and I had to question the meaning of reality. Why suddenly the world that I used to know changed drastically in a weird way. I have never observed human beings behaving in a way that I’m observing now. And this happened to me after I living more than one-third of a normal human life span. The reason for me to end up in believing such a thing was due to abnormal events that I happened to observe every day and that is not something that I could consider as a coincidence. Out of the blue things that suppose to be a coincidence, a rare event, suddenly become a meaningful interaction and this kept on happening to me every day for more than a year. I kept on blaming friends and others for spying on me and I was furious. I had no explanation whatsoever to understand this abnormal phenomenon, I had no one to find help and I’m having this personal battle every day. And I have been cracking my head to find the truth behind this life experience. What makes people to deny after they actually doing certain things, participating on certain things? Why they indirectly say things or drop hints about my life events every day and then keep denying it? Every time my complaints became a surprised to them, so I finally ended up in talking about it with anyone, cause literally there’s no point. And then I ended up talking to my friends too cause now I don’t trust anyone. I thought they lie to my face again and again. Friends still called me like they knew nothing but I don’t have an interest in talking to my friends anymore because of my experience. So according to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) technically speaking I’m a schizophrenic. Doctors will not have a clue or have a knowledge to critically analyse my situation, I’ll be treated as a schizophrenic and medicine will be given to me if I ever happened to visit a doctor to overcome my situation.

Having said that this will be the first time in your life you will hear a person claiming that he managed to come out of such a delusion, a false thinking, simply by doing a massive research, gaining the right knowledge, having the right view and then ending up in having the right understanding. THE CAUSE OF DELUSIONS ARE DUE TO MEANINGFUL INTERACTIONS WITH THINGS THAT SUPPOSE TO BE A COINCIDENCE. THIS IS TRUE FOR THOUGHT BROADCAST DELUSION, GANG STALKING DELUSION OR ANY OTHER DELUSION RELATED TO SO CALLED MENTAL ILLNESSES!! Highly advanced AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) are being developed to induce thoughts to human beings and manipulate human actions by stimulating their brains using a GLOBAL SATELLITE GRID. This is a personal experience. A person who goes through such experiences will make false assumptions to understand this phenomenon, therefore, they end up in making false claims. A Victim would not understand this phenomenon due to it’s complexity, this why a person who has never experienced such a phenomenon find extremely difficult to understand the claims of victims. Based on my research the ONLY government who should have this technology must be the SWISS government without their citizens knowing. In fact Swiss citizens are also victims of this technology. This is my best guess!! Having said that no other government MUST have this technology. This is something I could say beyond a doubt. After all, Targeted Individuals were absolutely right, the cause of these meaningful interactions with things that suppose to be a coincidence is a hidden technology. I hope my story would completely changed the way we have been thinking about these abnormal human experiences. It’s extremely, extremely difficult to understand this phenomenon if you are not a person who directly experience this.

When I compare myself to a schizophrenic, the only difference that I see here is that, I never went to a psychiatric hospital and neither I ended up in hearing voices but if I continue have a misunderstanding of this, I would have ended up in hearing voices too but not for the reasons that we have been thinking of. Ever since this abnormal life experience that I faced, I have been seeing contradictory evidence, therefore, I strongly believed that there must be a logical explanation for all these and I was pondering in my head from morning to evening and was trying to figure out a logical explanation for my abnormal life experience. When I was about to finally understand the truth, there I started facing physical harassments that I could directly relate to experiences of Targeted Individuals.

Let me give you an overview of this entire article.

1. I had a conflict with a friend and assume his name was Issac. Due to the events that I observed daily, I thought Issac was contacting most of my friends and talking about the issues that I had with him in a negative way thus creating a conflict. So this was like he was taking a revenge from me.

2. After I observing this for a long time, again due to certain abnormal events that I observed, I thought my house has been bugged, my computer has been hacked and later even my mobile phone. It was simply a blow to my privacy and I was so furious about it since I started seeing the information that they gathers through this spying used against me in the most unethical manner. At least that’s what I thought due to the abnormal events/activities which happened me. So it was a distress situation.

3. This didn’t end there, due to further abnormal events that I observed, I ended up in believing that I was getting messages from live TV and Radio programs. I also experienced that conversations in dramas were directly dropping hints on me about my life, what I think, what I do etc…Then I thought heads of companies like Forbes, Bloomberg, Guardian etc.. knew me due to the news articles that I read.

4. This whole phenomenon that I experienced made me to distrust almost all of my friends and people that I knew. I had unpleasant conversations too with my friends due to my misunderstanding. This made me to have less contacts with my friends too. However, at some point I understood that my thoughts are being decoded 24/7 by a technology that I never knew to exist. This experience helped me to change my perception of this abnormal experience later.

5. After staying away from friends for a long time, it came to a stage where I decided to meet my friends and to have a serious discussion about my experience. Since I ended up in having trust issues with my friends due to my experience, to address the trust issues I created a chain of trust by talking to the most trusted friends. These meetings/conversations helped me to understand that non of my friends has ever involved in anything. However, at this stage I happened to face physical harassments and even started facing death threats.

6. Thereafter, deeply analysing my experience, I understood that not only my thoughts are being decoded, in some cases, my thoughts are being effected and the thoughts of my friends are being effected too. In other words this technology has been used to induce thoughts to me and my friends. This made me to misunderstand them and ended up in having a clash with them and distrust them too.

7. Then I also understood that thoughts of script writers, live TV and Radio presenters has been effected. This made me to end up in having a false belief or an erroneous conclusion, thinking that they knew me. Same with my friends, since thoughts of my friends has been effected, by analysing the conversations that I had with them, their Facebook posts, phone calls that i had with them, chat etc.. made me to end up in having an erroneous conclusion, false belief or in medical terms a delusion. Researching this abnormal phenomenon made me to understand that my symptoms are identical to Targeted Individuals, experiences of schizophrenics and then again some of my experiences were identical psychic experiences too.

8. I also understood that the electrical activities of brains of human beings around the world are being decoded 24/7, regardless where you stay, what you do, where you travel, you are being monitored by a global satellite grid. And the data that this system captures will be used by AI’s to create these abnormal synchronised events and not only that different highly advanced AI’s are being developed to give different experiences to some human beings and these AI’s are interacting with human beings by stimulating our brains. Psychic experiences are there due to one such application and AI’s are behind this abnormal human experience. Abilities of Mentalist (who could induce thoughts to you) are also due to one such an application only and this is Lior Suchard who he thinks he could influence human thoughts.

9. At this stage my outdoor activities also got abnormally synchronised with Ambulances, Police Vehicles etc… The way this happened to me is that regardless of the time that I go out, I happened to see these vehicles whenever I come to a particular location in streets such as particular junctions. Without being directly experience such a phenomenon, it will be extremely difficult for another person to understand this.

10. By doing a great deal of research helped me to understand that the reason behind this abnormal synchronisation is due to extremely advanced AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) and these AI’s are inducing thoughts to people to create these abnormal synchronised events. For example, this victim claims, “whenever I went to pee, a co-worker was following me”, “Some were following me when I went to restroom or cafe” , “Some people jumped on me while I was walking along corridors of the office building and pretended like accidents”. Indeed these are accidents due to synchronisation of human activities by inducing thoughts and you could fine many examples in this victim’s story. This technology could also increase a person’s urination to a higher level then normal. These are some direct experiences I also had.

 – (WARNING: What you are about to read could be shocking. If you are not aware of this phenomenon, you would probably not believe what I say. What you find here is how i feel about this phenomenon.

11. This is not all, my personal experience managed to uncover other mind-boggling capabilities of this hidden technology, such as mapping an AI to a human body by stimulating precise brain areas (motor cortex and other brain areas) and sending precise signals to our limbs, facial muscles, areas related to our speech etc.. so the body would reflect the AI’s ARTIFICIAL PERSONALITY

12. The research that I carried out to find the origin of this technology, I managed to trace this technology back to ancient Egypt and finally managed to conclude that today this technology is operating from Switzerland without the knowledge of Swiss citizens.

this continues at the source link ...
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