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Author Topic: Chip\'s hypothesis explains the actual origin of life (for fucking real)  (Read 3801 times)

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ha, not bad for a fat old junkie, hey ? Yes, I'm proud of my conclusion (I could be wrong)

the Actual Origin of Life

This is in the public domain and may be reproduced whenever someone wants to.

Hi, I NEVER thought that I would ever want to publish anything but whilst having a smoke out the front, I realized that I probably had worked something very significant out.

Yep, I put to you my “evolutionary missing link” hypothesis:

My highest qualification was a driving license and i never went to university so please forgive my casual and somewhat casual and brief ‘research paper’.

I think that in one page or two, we may well have solved the mystery that is the origin of all life.

I was severely under the 'influence' at the time when i had that 'light bulb' moment …
Here it is and it's very brief.

No grants or anything like that but i have a friend of two supporting me.

I could be wrong but only by a tiny bit (because I wasn’t there, right ?), I reckon …

The Missing Link; the Root of Human Life Finally Explained

OK, here it is.

Whilst studying genetics, I noticed one common denominator that is essential for life: a food source.

What is it? Lipids or “fat” (pats his big tummy and for the first time, feeling OK about the bulge)
Yes, RNA’s predecessor, short filaments of genetic code were slowly forming, being born from the cycle of life-death-newer-version-of-life (and a tiny bit smarter)  it has to predate it and it always about survival and passing on one’s means  of survival..

Lipids are all throughout life and exist primarily as a food source; no lipids, no life.

So where do lipids originate from ?

From primordial MUD.
Yep, formed from the gradual weathering of rocks, sand and water from above and/or below.

I saw a TV program about primordial MUD and how it could be used as a medium for supporting life so I can’t claim that it is a totally original thought.

Rock dust mixing with water is where lipids come from (hey the stuff feels a bit slippery when rubbed on your fingers).

This marriage of insoluble rock dust of varying size and states of weathering eventually fused with water and from between that we have the ultimate formation of lipids.

From the tiniest particles initially, the ones so small that they eventually had no option but to live symbiotically with water (and vice versa).

Both a food source and a toilet, no I’m not going there. Oops you’re probably there already, ha ha.

The MUD eventually became ‘oily’ (like everything  that  ‘father time’ does to vegetation ( from the lower orders)) and became a viable medium for growth;  a balance of the insoluble and the insoluble.
God (atheist here) love the tiniest of particles because if were not for them, neither you nor I would be here.

So we have the movement of the tides, we have water and a basic early ancestor of sea water forming , we have temperature fluctuations, we have the radiation from the sun and perhaps some radioactive matter found it’s way up from the bowels of planet, that spewed into the slowly evolving sea water.

Actually, our blood has all the components of sea water (which is actually a perfect blend of many elements) but you probably already knew that.

What happens after that is probably that some life forms were washed into the sea and it’s conceivable that some stayed on the surface (or just at the water’s edge, under or above – the most likely, I’d say) too.

The MUD (with or without ‘life’) dropped into a solution of the coldest to the warmest (at the surface) of temperatures.

The aqueous solution was now being enriched with minerals ( and possibly including sulphur, I think) and life would no doubt be moving horizontally as well.  Basic life forms would have been moving around by tides (thanks, Moon) and we have the up and down movement as temperature fluctuated.
Find me one life form that doesn’t have lipids … got to eat, right ?

The very, very slow nature of the long tracts of time and chaotic action of ‘life’ now moving in all directions, explains the diversity of the life forms.

For what happens next in this exciting story, I will have to refer you to another totally plausable hypothesis  in:

The Journal of Biological Chemistry’s HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON LIPID BIOCHEMISTRY 2010, JBC Historical Perspectives: Lipid Biochemistry

We also have the earth’s electromagnetism that was giving a +ve or –ve charge to the elements (and perhaps some had acquired a charge from the geothermal activity) spewing out from the vents.

The deep sea vents would have been a fabulous source of crude ‘food’ core building block and the deep sea MUD would have been a nice place for ancient sea grasses (some date back 200,000,000 years and are still growing (don’t quote me on that)).

Sea grasses would have been one of the first on the menu for the soon to be conceived, higher order life forms.

Good old fat MUD, what a crack up ! people who study the origin of life

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an addendum:

whilst I'm pretty sure about the mud, i still think that a meteors may have triggered off the cascade that is life. The Earth apparently a different place back in the day ... I read that meteors played a role in influencing the geography and that there were many of them.

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