Author Topic: Why i hang around gay clubs / the straight <-> gay psyche and DRUGS  (Read 465 times)

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SO at the gay dance clubs that i live in, most people are using drugs - not for a night out but because they are "damaged" by the heavy burden of being discriminated and hated throughout their lives not to mention their family potentially disowning them !

sound familiar ? we are all in the same family.

This is slowly changing but their response to their covert and fearful secret of their sexuality leads to self medication.

like us ! we are STILL doing what society deems illegal they have overcome this to some degree.

I do NOT ask my gay friends for drugs as i have pure motives, despite knowing that probably can.

i don't need to and it will only devalue the relationship
.. but if they should EVER offer then i might explore that).

I do my own research on how to find the best drugs (preferably from the source) or be simply honest with the doctor and allay their fears about addiction by saying "i won't doctor shop or ask for more within an agreed time frame; so far, so good.

one more thing about gay boys that you may not know - there are 3 types: 1. the "top" that wants to fuck YOU (rare; the minority) 2. the "bottom" that wants you to fuck THEM (the majority) and 3. the "versatile" (i have no data on that).

also, never offer drugs to gay people unless you are assuming the role of the therapist as it usually implies that you expect sex in exchange.

no mate, we cool but gays have suffered enough (often victims of sexual abuse) so i NEVER play with their emotions of pretend to be something else.

I act the person who i say i am and most of the time, it takes years of hard work to be accepted.

after all, what's a straight man doing by hanging around gay clubs for 30 years ? I don't blame them thinking that and i hope you know my reasons.

i LOVE their music, they are proffesionals, their "party hard" and loving nature. they aren't fucking around - music and fantasy are their refuge and dammit, i'm right their with them.

never fuck with their heads !
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