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Author Topic: New Mu blog on Black seed (Nigella Sativa)  (Read 1675 times)

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New Mu blog on Black seed (Nigella Sativa)
« on: August 18, 2018, 05:27:33 AM »
Greetings Fam!

We did a new Mustafa blog on Black Seed, which is an amazingly helpful herb. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. If anyone feels like sharing this on their social media, it would be deeply appreciated. We're trying to up our social media game a bit.

Cheers and much love!
Brothers Mu


Disclaimer: My goal with this blog is education and harm reduction. I am not a doctor, please don't consider anything I say as health advice.

Hi guys!
It's been a while since you've heard from me (it's been how many years? jeez) but I'm going to be doing some new articles about some of my favorite herbs and supplements.

Today's article is about one of my absolute favorites - Blackseed (Nigella sativa).

Blackseed first came to my attention quite a few years ago when researching mu (opiate receptor) agonists and potentiators and I was amazed to find an article that described clinical trials where blackseed was used to treat acute opiate withdrawal (Link).  The study was done in Pakistan and consisted of people who were in acute withdrawal from heroin being locked in a 'treatment' facility and either being given nothing or ground blackseed capsules (yikes). Amazingly, the group who received the blackseed had a marked reduction in their withdrawal symptoms.

Now - I am definitely not suggesting using blackseed capsules alone for opiate withdrawal, not when we have kratom and a number of other really useful herbs available to us, but it absolutely has a place in many people's natural withdrawal kit and it also is commonly used as a potentiator for kratom. The great thing about it is that it has a number of other health benefits (it's purported to be an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, to help with cardiovascular health, blood sugar, and more).

A quick bit of history: Blackseed, also known as black cumin seed and kalonji, has been used as a food, spice, and folk medicine since ancient times. In fact, the seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs, including that of Tutankhamun. It was used in ancient Persia, India, and the middle east, as well as parts of Europe. Traditionally used as an herbal remedy for a large variety of maladies, current research has begun to confirm a number of potential benefits.

As of this writing, there are over a thousand articles indexed on PubMed, and much more research is being done. Some of the more promising studies are on the potential for positive effects on cardiovascular health, including lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, and raising HDL cholesterol (that's the good kind).

However - I'm sure you guys who are reading my blog are most interested in it's ability to either ease opiate withdrawal and/or act as a potentiator for kratom. There is a bit of research out there (some of it here), that seems to confirm that black seed alone does indeed ease withdrawal symptoms. Anecdotally, I have heard from numerous people that it really helps to take the edge off.

In terms of potentiating kratom, there is also a lot of anecdotal evidence. Most commonly I hear that it helps to prevent tolerance. That is, it's not necessarily making the kratom seem stronger, rather that it keeps it from getting less effective with regular use.

I have personally used blackseed on and off for a number of years. I also used it as part of my withdrawal 'kit' when I kicked opiates a number of years ago (I might talk more about that kit later - watch this space).

Blackseed is available as whole or ground seeds, liquid oil, or oil in softgels. I'd suggest checking out my sponsor - Mu Synergetics if you are looking for a good source.

Thanks for reading! Watch this space for more great articles about herbs and botanicals.


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