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Author Topic: MSM, the predominant Meth cut  (Read 23721 times)

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MSM, the predominant Meth cut
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:00:12 PM »

[MSM - Methyl Sulfonyl Methane]

[Sidenote: Statements in Blue are my responses/input to the compelation of comments I have gathered]

[The only changes I made to the multiple statements i collected via UTFSE were grammar based. I take pleasure in gathering multiple opinions on the same topic and melding them =]

1. While MSM is in fact a healthy suppliment for many, it unfortunately shortens the duration of the meth high quite substantially and is a poor choice of additive in all but appearance.

2. Using MSM is merely an economic necessity, SWIP says. His accounting of the market revealed the folks are so used to MSM, that they consider IT the real deal. He told me that education isn't his field, and that these same folks aren't willing to pay for straight GOGO.

3. I used to wonder why folks would blow out the first hit. To me it has no taste to speak of. A good way to tell if you have MSM in your gear is when you take a big first hit you won't blow out much smoke if any.

4. Take a small sample of the stuff you got because .and melt it in cool water. wait a few seconds. if there is MSM in it, the MSM material will show up as long shards but will not dissolve. however, keep in mind that it will dissolve in very warm water. it will return to shards only when the water cools. it is not something i would use even if everyone says it is safe.

5. Try straight MSM in a bowl. It melts beautifully, & evaporates clean. No residue is left. You can't even tell it was there. What you've experienced is uncleaned GUPChuck trash. Exclusive to Birchers who usually have only been told 3rd hand how to make dope or who take absolutely NO pride in their work. the dirty dope often will make you disoriented & elevate your heart beat. In this case, what you are smoking is predominately pseudoephedrine & the plastic that is added to the pills to fuck up things for us.

[Sidenote: Almost all Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine Pills sold commercially have unlisted deterents. It's only listed as Patent US6136864 ]

Why wouldn't just a wash with dry Acetone and filter. Seems easer and effective.?

[Sidenote: Acetone is Found At Hardware stores as paint thinner or De-Greaser]

6. As far as chemistry taking place for shorting a buzz, What happens is the MSM helps your body do its thing better.
It's thing is getting rid of foreign substances like meth. It helps your body clean itself better.
MSM used to be part of our diet before food processing got ramped.
It is elusive to food processing, even over cooking vegetables will remove it from our pallet
It starts out being evaporated from oceans and as it gets into the atmosphere UV rays turn it into Methyl Solfonel Methane [MSM]
and it is carried by rain back into our food supply. In the old days our body's got its natural supply this way but today it is lacking in our diets.
If one was wanting to quit using meth I would recommend two heaping teaspoons a day in OJ.

[I would Reccomend Effexor]

Once in the morning and again in the afternoon for a week then back down to one table spoon a day.
You will be surprised that after a week your tossing and turing in bed at night instead of the typical no ambition feeling one gets without his gogo.

[After using for a long period of using then kicking, Most likely you will be going through a spell of
Extreme Low Energy, Overeating, Lack of pleasure, Weight-Gain, And Depression. I would say 60-90 Days untill you feel somewhat 'Normal' If ever. Depends on how long you have been using.]

It is in health food stores but is not pure and is expensive.

[Not true; Yes it is sold in capsule form in an mixed capsule form, but it is also sold in powder form and not just for horses]

1000mg pill usually has mag. sulfate or another preservative and or vitamin C added to it.
The best place to get it is at your feed and seed stores because 2.2 lbs is around 14 bucks US and it's 99.9% pure, comes in a jar instead of jell caps.
Horses get better shit than humans do because they cost more.

[Sidenote: MSM Is sold in pure powder form at some health food stores; But I would not recommend buying it
as at least where I am from it is required for them to write your DL# down and you will get red-flagged. If your a Tweeker you should know plenty of cluckers.]

7. MSM also has that telltale smell
And after inhaling a good amount of it the user exhales no smoke. MSM is the worst cut I have yet to come across.

[From a realistic standpoint, it is probably the 'best cut'. Cut isint supposed to put a smile on your face or a twinkle on your pickle; But considering all the variables; if by worst you meant physically harmfull, i disagree I think its one of the 'best' in that sense. If you mean from a dealers standpoint as far as tricking/convincing the consumer its the best in that aspect as well for the dealer. Which makes it the Worst for the buyer though. So your partially right in my viewpoint:]

8. Plus 250mg to a true meth user is next to nothing. A quarter gram to a smoker is a tease. 25mg to a smoker is just enough to piss them off.

[25 Mg of Pure is not nothing to a smoker; if you have proper technique. But 250 mg of your stuff probably doesnt even have 25 mg]

9. Very true! I haven't been able to isolate the smell, but the disappearing smoke is always the sign I look for.

10. One is not attempting to combust their end product rather heat it until it changes phases. the gaseous form of the desired molecule is actually invisible.
The other day a good friend of swims came to drop off the weekly bag of gogo. well someone had took some msm an made some big crystals of it.
Swim took his .125 grams and loaded in to the pipe. After a quick touch of the lighter and a quick waft of burnt toast in the lungs, SWIM looked at his friend after the whole .125 grms had vaporized and said 'no offence but i'm not paying for this.' then SWIM said watch this.
He went to the medicine drawer and got some of his MSM capsuls emptied them on to a plate, added a little water and put it into the microwave for 30 seconds.
All the crystals went into solution. then he let it sit there for a minute. Blam a whole plate of the bag he just sold SWIM.
Then he said get the fuck out of my house Bitch.
All of ya'll that fuck with MSM are lowlife shitheads. you want more profit then sell more dope. Bitch.
Chemists spend so much time making their product pure and you gotta straight fuck it up.

11. The makers who use MSM seem to always be holding the pipe up to light and telling you how nicely it cracks back, The reason is then spent a lot of time getting it to do that, and so they use it as selling point. That is your first clue.

[Since when do dealers have to convince people about quality? 1. If you buy a sack and its shitty just dont buy from that person again.]

Secondly the crystalls look a little too shiny, they look very good but meth crystals have just a bit of dullness to them when it is dried and is sparkling but not dazzeling like MSM

[I Agree to an extent refer to 19-1]

12. The MSM cracks back when heated in a glass chamber very rapidly it seems , where as meth is oftem a puddle for a longer time.

13. There is a slight difference in solubility to denatured alcohol
Although both dissolve in denatured , MSM dissolves rather slowly and can be separated out by filtration using Alcohol. Meth will dissolve quickly in an excess of alcohol
MSM takes several minutes no mater how dilute the solution is.

14. MSM has no discenable taste , and because it may cause a peripherial capillary dialatiton in the skin blood vessels,
about 50% of the population will develop a profuse sweat and redness to the skin when first comming on to MSM, especially around the neck and ears but also the chest.
It has a nice rush that is quick to come on.
Meth is a little more subtle because most users have developed a high tolerance for meth due to continusal use.

[MSM has a nice rush? But Meth is subtle? seems a little backwards]

15. But the MSM will often buzz you up good and fast.
Problem is it lasts ony 45 minutes, and clears out the levels of meth from your blood stream, you sweat it out. So that you are yawning and lay down for a nap, because your system was depleated of GOGo

16. A tin foil burn test leaves MSM looking far superior to the real shit, the MSM burns clean Most meth is a little bit dirty.
I read somewhere that vaporised MSM is healthy for the lungs.

[Always Stay loyal to the foil.. Alhz-Heimers from it is a Urban Legend just like cock shrinkage and crystalazation in the lungs. Anywhoo most people dont actually know specifically what it means to chase the dragon. If you dont have a glass cock around; or your just feelin loyal to the foil: Get your foil, Tilt the foil to a side a little bit put the lighter right in front of the dope so it 'decends' downward have your straw/empty pen right behind the droplet that should be slowly moving downward and chase that mother fuckin Dragon] <-off topic but fuck it->

17. So A good quick test might be to drop some in a tube of Denatured or water.
Anything that reaches the bottom may be msm since the speed should dissolve quickly, But I am not sure if this test will work or not.
I don't have any cut nearby to test with

[This next statement comes from Geez whom is a bee I respect & agree with more than any other user.]

18. If you dissolve in alcohol and filter out everything that does not dissolve (use a funnel with a fairly loose small plug of toilet paper to filter only in the neck of the funnel), reduce the alcohol until it begins to thicken, add at least as much acetone as the remaining alcohol (more is fine) and let it sit and cool slowly. If you are very impatient, place in the refrigerator and ignore it for a while. When you return, harvest the crystals formed in the bottom. If it won't make real dope next time.

19. Hell, most "peanut-butter" comes from So. Cal, right? Also sub-par gear by the tonnage is imported up from Mexico and the West Coast is nothing more then a huge pipeline to the rest of the US, not excluding the various points of entry along the border.

[SWIM is from So. Cal. SWIM deals with ALOT of different sources. The "Peanut-Butter" or I assume aka "Crank" Your talking about I would reccomend buying gladly. Almost EVERYTHING is 'glass'. aka almost everything is MSM. Fuck; bring on the Cavie]

19-1. To keep this post on topic, MSM is not water soluable! Take a tiny bit and place in a shot glass, beer cap or glass ash tray. Add some water and stir it up a bit. The real meth or pseudo will dissolve, MSM will fall to the bottom and still be very visable. People try to bee sly and powder the MSM first instead of the truly scandalous charlatans that just recrystallize their meth with MSM and meoh using a microwave evap.

20. For the last number I will give my input. I believe the mixture of  very wet crystals and extremly small shards is a telltale sign.

Refer To The [Number] At The End of Each Statement to The Posts Above. They are what it is based upon.

1: MSM is not water-soluble.[19-1]

1.1: MSM is water soluble only in warm water; recrystalizing in cold water. [4]

2: Add dope to DH20.If Crystals reach bottom MSM is most likely present [17]

3: MSM Burns much too clean. Meth should have 'some' residue [16,5]

3.1: MSM Has almost no taste.[3,14]

3.2: MSM Has a 'telltale taste'   

4: Upon inhaling a large amount of vapor then exhaling. If experiencing much less than which was taken in is a sign.[3,7,9,]

5: MSM Shortens the duration of the Meth High.MSM "cleans" your system [6,15]

6:Appearance is 'Too Shiny' [11]

6.2:Shards are small and most of the time 'wet'. [20]

6.2:The previous statement was based on
making judgement based upon appearance.
Making this void based on recrystalizing Meth+MSM instead of just 'mixing'. [19]

7:Dissolve in alcohol.
Charmin Filter what does not dissolve.
Reduce alcohol Untill it Thickens.
Add An Equal Amount of Acetone.
Let Cool.If Recrystalzation Does not incur
MSM is likely to be present. [18]

7.1:MSM Dissolves slow in Denatured Alcohol.
Meth Does not. 

8:MSM Causes 'Redness' And 'Sweating'. [14]

9:MSM Recrystalizes 'too fast'(Puddle)from
liquid to solid. Based upon comparison to meth.

10:MSM is Healthy for the lungs. [16]

MSM Properties        

Dimethyl Sulfone(67-71-0)
Properties:  Crystals, mp 109degrees . bp 760 238degrees . Sublimes at 13 mm and 90degrees to 100degrees. Infrared absorption (solid) 7600-8700 nm. Di pole mo ment 4.44 (vapor). Freely sol in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone. Sparingly sol in ether.--Merk Index

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