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Welcome to our SMF forum !
« on: December 02, 2014, 05:07:35 PM »
Welcome to Simple Machines Forum at (our old URL was !

Please look at;area=cats;cat=1 if you wish to tailor your settings now.

How do I start/post a thread ?)


About us

We run a very reliable site on a Virtual Private Server with your security and privacy in mind. We host our own email server and run SSL.

Regular security updates are applied and there is only one Server Administrator and that is the only user to access the underlying OS.

All email and IP addresses are only available to Admins and they are bound to not disclose it. You may allow yourself to be contacted by other members but they cannot see your address.

Database backups are only kept on the server except for the test/dev environment - only one person has access to that.

We conduct regular audits to ensure your compliance with the on-board non-solicitation rule but nothing is disclosed. Only the forum admins and Chipper conduct mail checks.

As your post count increases so too does your visibility of more boards.

Long term members who conduct themselves responsibly are eventually considered trusted and additional privileges are given to them

We hope you enjoy using this forum as it is a very feature rich platform and many years of work have gone into providing the best possible environment.

If you have any problems, please feel free to PM Chipper or the Admins. You can also send an anonymous email via the "CONTACT" app menu button.

We strive for fun, fairness and safety by sharing knowledge and Harm Reduction principles. We also want to establish realistic rights for people who find themselves involved with the usage of drugs.

We do not condone drug use and understand that drug use can be lethal and the current laws are ruining lives so we want to achieve the best possible outcome for the members.

Thanks for joining. Be safe and fully understand the terms and conditions you agree to prior to using the site.

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