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General Discussion for Everybody / hmmmm...
« Last post by MoeMentim on Today at 06:52:12 AM »
i'm sure they are worthless but you gotta wonder, right? 

GABAergics / Re: Scotland's Valium Crisis
« Last post by Effect on March 16, 2019, 12:47:04 AM »
Great watch man. Reminds me a lot of the homemade alprazolam bars and there use in the USA
Health Issues and Medical / Re: My body is finally fighting back. - urgent
« Last post by Chip on March 11, 2019, 08:59:31 AM »
I deny everything  :-[ 8)

Some black metal anyone?

Cocaine / Re: pure pharmacuetical cocaine is a different animal than street shit
« Last post by MoeMentim on March 10, 2019, 02:59:09 AM »
waiting for cocaine.  it's very good clean shit, way hard to find around here.  i can drive to denver & get good tar & crap meth but coke, clean or dirty is non-existent, even fucking crack is gone, it's all meth.   i have this lucky hook but it's like asking a big favor to get me some, i have to wait and wait, half the time he doesn't come through at all, depends what he has going on i guess, kinda sucks but he's a friend, not a pure middle situation.  he doesn't mark me up though (i think)
and now for something different,

Health Issues and Medical / Re: My body is finally fighting back. - urgent
« Last post by MoeMentim on March 09, 2019, 08:14:58 PM »
are they still scanning your brain or have you come down a bit?

fucking pigs though...
Health Issues and Medical / Re: My body is finally fighting back. - urgent
« Last post by Joseph Hopeless on March 09, 2019, 09:14:15 AM »
^^^ Easy Chip, got BigNasty sploogin in his pants now that you see what we usually face in America constantly...But yeah, don't jump in front of a train dude, you'll have A felony, at nearly 60, worst case. Cmon man, you're more than twice my age and I'm on the edge of being a "habitual felon", like he and a lotta others here probably are. Relax, man, take a breath, it's shitty, but be glad you're not where we are(record wise and country wise), guarantee your outcome is gonna be like. A misdemeanor of some kind, some "classes" or some shit, and that'll be it. Relax man, you're good.
Obviously extreme pain would not be the complaint at a psychiatrists office so things such as fentinyl would not be prescribed.

Just an idea...
Why no fent for depression? I'd rather have a 100mcg gel patch to chew and/or a 400mcg fentora or two to suck on than a shot of heroin. Fent gives me more energy and a better buzz than any other opioid I've ever tried.

Well, except dilaudid's rush when I had a smaller tolerance. If I could have it my way, I'd start out every single day with a fat, high-dose shot of hydromorphone followed by a bunch of fentora's to suck on all day and then a fat shot of H before bed so I won't have to get up every few hours to suck on a fentora or shoot some dilaudid.
Health Issues and Medical / Re: My body is finally fighting back. - urgent
« Last post by bignasty on March 08, 2019, 10:55:32 PM »
i used to like the police but now i wish i could kill that filthy stupid cunt.

Do you understand why I hate them so much NOW? When I used to say ^ the same type thing, you'd say it's my fault for being an asshole to the cops and if I had just been nice and respectful I wouldn't have gotten in trouble.

Yeah right, I know a guy that just lost his childhood home AND his dad got 16 staples in his head when a tree fell on their house during a storm. So my buddy was getting important stuff outta the house that night and the police came to harass him and he ended up getting arrested for possession of meth. Cops have no empathy or sympathy for anybody. They're dumb fucks who can't think outside the box or empathize with somebody going thru a hard time. Fuck 'em all IMO
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