Author Topic: Harm reduction in hospital settings - article Harm reduction journal 2017  (Read 959 times)

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 I do a speak a couple of times a year for american uni students, where I talk about my job working in a hospital setting  implementing and involving the staff in harm reduction.
Its articles like this that make me smile. Because it is happening. Delayed I know. But still.

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Re: Harm reduction in hospital settings - article Harm reduction journal 2017
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 09:35:28 AM »
wow. that is fantastic. i know how it is to be in hospital and get discrininated by some staff although the overwhelming majority are understanding.

it is a good opportunity to start treatment there.
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Re: Harm reduction in hospital settings - article Harm reduction journal 2017
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2018, 01:48:56 AM »
I recently spent some time in hospital for surgery. The residents who oversaw me were amazed at the doses of opioids I took on a daily basis. They never called me a user nor intimated that I was a user. That made me feel respected in a huge way.

I was put on my normal daily stated dose of opiods, no questions asked, with a button to dispense more when needed,  then I was given additonal relief for the surgical work with extra opioids and 50 mcg fentanyl patches.

Every day, sometimes twice a day, a dr. from staff would come and ask how my pain was. Since it was 3-4 and I wasn't personally bugged by it no more relief was given but it would have should I complained about needing more pain control.

Somewhat off topic, Patients around me were freely given all manner of opioids,  fentanyl, hydromorphone, oxycontin, morphine. I don't unlimited amounts but more than I would have expected. This is in stark contrast to when I was last in hospital when tylenol was about all they handed out for pain. That was in a surgical ward as well.

Progress is being made people, it's slow, but we are moving ahead.
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I had an infection years ago, when I was still in active addiction.  My left leg swelled so much that I had a tough time walking.  When I go to the emerg. room the 1st nurse I was intimidated by.  She def. did not like drug users.  I told her I may have been bitten by a spider, etc.  Then, I thought that if I wanted help, and I needed it as I watched my leg grow, I should be more truthful. 
The 2nd nurse I told the truth to.  She quietly and discreetly suggested that I stick w/ my 1st story-bug bite.
Turns out, that it didn't matter either way.  The result was a  prescription of antibiotics and motrin along w/ a standard shot to prevent lockjaw and such.
When the DR. asked me about my 2 responses prior to the prescriptions she was skeptical and unkind until I mentioned the brown recluse spider in my bldg. Until I let her tell me about why it's aptly named such.
When they knew the truth they treated me so poorly that even the nurse on duty suggested that I go back to my original statement.  Sad... I wish that there were more that I could do to help those with this situation oncoming. I learned a valuable life lesson. I hope others read this and learn w/o having to go through the exp. Good luck!


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