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Author Topic: Recently completed a voluntary inpatient medically assisted alcohol detox  (Read 574 times)

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I recently completed a voluntary inpatient medically assisted alcohol detox at my local hospital. I had been taking ThiamineWiki / Vitamin B1 doses up to 300 mg daily whilst I was drinking, just to minimalise the impact on my brain.

There were also people there on involuntary detoxes and that was a surprise to me as I didn't know that such programs exist. I suspect that if the police are involved in an incident that is a result of your heavy drug use or drinking then that is one avenue into it.

My drinking became very heavy over the last few months (at least 3 months) where i was drinking 2 bottles of sherry a day (or 22 std. drinks) and I had experienced blackouts, no appetite, severe insomnia, hangovers, a fall and as it wore off around the 12 hour mark, I developed tremors in my hands - it had to be dealt with as I only want to be a moderate drinker and drink no more than 1 or 2 drinks a day ... so far, so good. This is called moderate drinking and it does not make me want to drink to oblivion again. I do not believe that I was the typical alcoholic but ultimately just a heavy drinker.

I was at a free (government funded / the Australian Medicare Scheme) for 5 days starting on Dec 16 2020. No visitors (due to COVID-19) or electronic devices permitted and I was in a locked unit so no going off premises. They tested my vital signs 3 times a day until my blood pressure sat on 116/76 for a couple of days.

On day one they gave me 40 mg Diazepam, then 30 mg, then 10 mg, then 2 days of 5 mg. then none. They also gave me a couple of 300 mg Thiamine (Vitamin B1) shots IM. No negative symptoms (such a Delerium TremensWiki) during detox and i slept well.

They also prescribed me CampralWiki but i developed some unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea so i stopped taking it.

I have a small benzo tolerance as I take 2 mg. of ClonazepamWiki occasionally for insomnia too and this admission to the detox  required a doctors referral. I also take 75 mg. PregabalinWiki (Lyrica) occasionally.

I am sleeping about 3-4 hours only but i expect this to improve and my psych. just wrote me a MelatoninWiki script.

I do not crave alcohol and plan to never return to such regular and heavy drinking. I only drank to kill time and I never liked it that much anyway. The good feeling you get as a novice drinker is also caused by GABA and Dopamine stimulation but that goes away and it ultimately results in GABA only blackouts as tolerance develops over the months you increase the amount drunk. I only started drinking in the last 5 years mainly and had been consuming about a bottle a wine a day for a few of those years but I now only drink beer.

I have not used Clonazepam for 5 days now and i want to completely detox from that too eventually. Clonazepam withdrawals can start on day 7, I suspect. EDIT: correct, see here

It can be done and wish me luck  :)
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best luck to you man.  i'm now 17 months clean from everything except kratom.  i sure miss when this place was active.  thanks for all you did to make du cool, i'm sad it didn't take off.  :(


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