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Author Topic: Early Paliperidone and Methamphetamine Treatment Efficacy and Profile  (Read 1269 times)

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current only source found:


There are limited studies on this and i find myself admitted to a sophisticated and without doubt, the best psychiatric facility i have ever attended.

I was put initially put on on Diazepam (10 mg. BID) and Amisulpride (which although gloriously purports to may also bind to the GHB receptor) was far too debilitating so i slept most of the time.

Now i am and always will be a METH user as it motivates me to research and suggest and/or explore better psychiatric treatments for addicts (issues stemming from childhoood trauma such as sexual/emotional neglect/physical (or sadly, all 3)), those with genetic predispositions and even those who achieve a compromised mental state either through later life physical/sexual or emotional trauma.

I am now on a 175 mg Depot injection of this active metabolite of RisperidoneWiki and despite not being allowed to use METH here, i tested it at home.

Olanzapine turned on me and gave me such severe RLS, my upper body started convulsing but i had been on it for over 16 years and found that it had lost it's use with METH, especially with anger management.

I'd rather take GHB or GBL for decent REM sleep but Psych hospitals are all about, *yawn*, ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Dopamine receptors, despite METH being a GABA aptosis agent and despite the plethora of other receptors that work in concert that determine our behaviours and emotions.

The good news is that PaliperidoneWiki has prevented me from getting upset or angry and it's behaving very well with no side effects.

I had to test it because once i am released under a CTO (Community Treatment Order) then changes to my medication is complex, i believe.

I just need to now get off the single 10 mg. Diazepam dose and switch to Temazepam but it's very difficult to explain to doctors not familiar with 30+ year GABAA and GABAB tolerances !

Working on that one now as most of the nurses are really cool about helping too.

The female staff are less cool but i put that down to maternal instincts ... oh well !

I can easily consume 250 mg of Temazepam and only then score a short but sweet nap ... but it's a benzo and i am very wary of them ! I only want 30 mg per night here.

Will get back to you in a month or two and hopefully i will not be punished for testing this combo but someone has to whilst under hospital care, be let to go home ASAP and maybe this drug will be the tool we "tweakers" can benefit from.

I was scheduled due to overtly inappropriate verbal aggression due to abuse that was resolved 2 days prior to my admittance but have been well nourished abd made a couple of cool inpatient friends for life.

BTW, the Drug and Alcohol Nurse is super nice.

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Update: Doc switched me to 20 mg. Temazepam (nocte).

I found that 2.4 G Phenibut (/ 30 mg Baclofen?) And 150 Promethazine (the 1940's predecessor to CPZ) and the bed(s?)time 20 mg Temazepam with the Paliperdone made for a FABULOUS mix of both euphoria and with high value therapy. The best part was the first FULL night of restful sleep for the first time in about 3 months @

However, the Gabaergics are slowly but powerfully addictive (like stimulants but in reverse) and the DA downreg. PPD (Paliperdone) is still an unknown.

I will need to try a withdrawal from it to see if it gets as NASTY as OLZ withdrawal (long term issue usually).

It's the PPD side effects that scare me but not the stims. !

Ah, the paradox that is the holy grail of euphoric therapy with limited withdrawl, regular dosing and craving potentional !

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