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Author Topic: (OPIAD) Opioid-induced androgen deficiency  (Read 7943 times)

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Re: (OPIAD) Opioid-induced androgen deficiency
« Reply #14 from previous page: July 08, 2016, 09:14:00 AM »
My doc said having thicker blood was a common side effect of being on testosterone, and that if I was ever having a problem I should just go give blood and would be fine. Unfortunately I can't give blood because I am on MMT, so that wouldn't work for me. Would you get high from getting a transfusion from someone on MMT?

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Re: (OPIAD) Opioid-induced androgen deficiency
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2016, 04:22:37 PM »
yo i gotta add, PINE POLLEN. if you want more T, buy PINE POLLEN powder or tincture.

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Re: (OPIAD) Opioid-induced androgen deficiency
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2016, 07:15:36 PM »
My doc said having thicker blood was a common side effect of being on testosterone, and that if I was ever having a problem I should just go give blood and would be fine. Unfortunately I can't give blood because I am on MMT, so that wouldn't work for me. Would you get high from getting a transfusion from someone on MMT?

You can't give blood if you are on MMT because it means you probably have been an IV user and you may have picked up HIV or HepC.

You would not get high because the volume of blood transfused is too low to have any perceptible level of the drug.
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Re: (OPIAD) Opioid-induced androgen deficiency
« Reply #17 on: August 29, 2018, 08:36:34 PM »
Step one: go to your doctor and have blood work done. Tell them you are concerned about your hormone levels and specifically ask for a testosterone panel. If your test is low, you'll be prescribed the cream/patch/injections.

Step 2: that's it man...
Step 1 is out of order. 1) Go to doctor and tell him/her that you're concerned about your hormone levels and give them your symptoms but leave out that u have to masturbate or have wet dreams part as that sounds like your test levels are normal or above average. I know what you mean though, when I'm sick I'll sometimes wake up soaking wet and hard and still cum'ing. 2) Then tell your doctor that you want blood work done to check your test levels, estrogen levels, free test, etc.. You can just ask for a "full panel". 3) Then get blood work done and schedule a follow-up to go over your results. 4) If low, your doctor will either RX you something or ignore it or send you to a specialist. However, you might have to ask for a referral for a specialist.

My test levels were 284ng/dl which is LOW AF for a 31 yr old and my doctor simply ignored it and said it was in the normal range because the lab they used had a reference range of 240-1050. I explained to her that those ranges are for men of all ages and 284 was NOT normal for a 31 yr old. She still ignored me and didn't do shit, not even refer me to a specialist.

I've seen other blood panel tests done where the reference range was 340-950 so I would've been considered low had my doctor used a different lab. Maybe check around with different labs if possible.

There are also those "anti-aging" or "Low-T" clinics that charge you $25-50 a week and you have to go every week to get a shot done that you could easily do yourself. They also don't take insurance. So if possible, get a script for a 10ml vial of IM 200mg/ml test cypionate from your doctor and give yourself a shot of 1ml a week then get blood work done again 6-10 weeks after you start taking the shots. If you wanna continue getting scripted the test, you might wanna lower your dose or even quit taking shots for a few weeks before you have your blood work done again. But that's just depending on if you think your doctor will continue to prescribe it if your levels are back to normal or not.

There also some things you can do to make your test levels lower than they would otherwise be before you get your bloodwork done. You can google them but I believe taking Tagamet and not getting adequate (or any) sleep the night before the blood tests supposedly helps lower your total test.

Post Merge: August 29, 2018, 09:08:03 PM
So I went to my mmt doc after my primary care dr said no because I take methadone, and my mmt dr said its really common and that he will see if medicaid would cover it for me and if they do he would prescribe the cream for me. That was the 2nd week of may, and he said that I will probably have to do a full prostate exam with a bunch of other stuff to get approved and even then it might not happen. They sent back one letter asking for my info which he sent in a month ago no word back yet.

So I went to a Low T clinic in my area that doesn't take insurance, and what seemed to me like a pill mill for testosterone and dietary supplements, and paid them $120 for 4 weeks of shots. They are 200 mg each, and I am starting to noticeably feel a little bit better.
I was pissed at my doctor too and thought those Low T clinics only taking cash was just a money grab but I've recently learned from one of my friends that's a primary care doctor is that getting insurance to pay for testosterone treatment is almost impossible and your T levels have to be like 150 or lower for them to cover the script or the treatment. He said he knew a guy from med school that opened up one of those clinics and took insurance at first but eventually quit because it was so hard to get insurance to pay for it and they almost never did so he went to cash only.

I still think it's a money grab to have you come in once a week to get a shot then leave when you can do it yourself at home. There ARE clinics that'll write you a RX and let you give yourself shots and they end up being a lot cheaper than the ones where you have to go once a week.
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