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Author Topic: Message to the Entire Forum  (Read 230 times)

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Message to the Entire Forum
« on: April 13, 2016, 07:46:33 PM »
this is an announcement only so you are not able to add to this so please start a new thread to discuss.

*Dear DAU member,

As you may or may not have noticed there has been a lot of hostility lately, and we haven't had a lot of cohesiveness with the staff and members. We're working to fix that. Some of the things that we're doing to make this place great are:

- chipper and the founders will have more of an overseeing role, and the general day to day requests and operations will be handled by the mods and admins. To see the staff structure and If you have any requests, please consult,2565 for your next step. We're all open to helping, and there's nothing wrong with however you do it, but just know that we'd like to try to keep day to day requests and etc to the mods and admins.

- We're working towards a less "RULES RULES RULES" approach, things will mainly be handled on a case by case basis, but we're asking all of you, the membership, to assist with situations that end up being outside of the lines. We all know when someone has stepped over the line of being a dick, we're asking everyone to try to help us with that, we don't like disharmony, and we like fun shit, and drugs, lets talk more about fun shit and drugs, and not be mean.

- Unfortunately, we do have times where a mod report is required, we ask that when you submit them, in the box please add your reasons, one or two words don't help us a lot, tell us why you think it's wrong, and maybe how ou'd like to see it handled. We promise that each and every mod report will be followed up on, and each member that submits them will get a PM from someone of the staff letting them know what course of action is decided. Though not everyone can always be pleased, and if that situation happens to arise, we ask that you work with us in finding a solution that we can all live with.

- We like members here, and we don't want people to fight, if that happens, we're going to start by putting people on temp bans after a warning to knock it off. We're all adults, we all know how to behave. If we can't talk about it rationally, then chances are we'll have to start giving time-outs. We don't like that, don't make us do that.

- Finally, everyone that is a member here is welcome, we ask these simple things to keep this place fun, let's get back to talking about fun shit, not dramatic crap that no one likes.

So, in the somewhat lame words of Jerry Maguire, HELP ME, HELP YOU,

Faithfully, your DAU Staff

*this message was drafted by dizzle
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Re: Message to the Entire Forum
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 08:24:10 AM »
I wanted to add just one thing.  We have had a few threads about perceived unfair treatment by moderators.  If you feel like any action against you was wrong, or even malicious, then you do have other options to take care of that.  Your first step should probably be writing an email or PM to an admin.  If that fails, or if your problem was with an admin in the first place, then please talk to the OTHER admin.

If all of that fails, then well, contact one of the founders, I'm sure everyone would agree that they will be fair and neutral in how they handle things.
I'm happy about the changes, and I'm looking forward to being able to focus on fun topics in the future.  If this place is a drag then I don't think anyone wants to come here, and that includes those of us who spend our time trying to help out here.

- z
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Re: Message to the Entire Forum
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2016, 10:19:02 PM »


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