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[1] [UK] How should the drug-dependent homeless be helped ?

[2] [AUS] [1981] Some Thoughts on the D r u g P r o b l e m [by Lindsay Tanner]

[3] Parents’ drug and alcohol use negatively impacts all areas of child well-being

[4] Why COVID-19 Is Hitting Drug Addicts So Hard

[5] [AUS] What goes on inside a medically supervised injection facility ?

[6] The Law (and Politics) of Safe Injection Facilities in the United States

[7] Inside Shalom House, Australia’s ‘strictest’ drug rehab (Australian Story Doco)

[8] Australia: Redfern's public housing towers: drugs, violence and fear

[9] [Aus] Ice Addicted Grannies | A Current Affair TV Report


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