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Title: Commercial Research Grade BCI Neurotechnology
Post by: Chip on July 25, 2019, 03:44:20 PM
What ... already ? ... did anyone remember to consult their paid neuroethicists ?

Oh, they don't have any ? Neurojurisprudence and all that stuff ...

Anyway, visit for scalable and easy to use EEG technology for neuroscience, neuromarketing, cognitive performance and brain-controlled technology applications
Title: Re: Commercial Research Grade BCI Neurotechnology
Post by: Chip on September 06, 2019, 07:16:52 AM


BIOPAC is the worldwide distributor for Advanced Brain Monitoring’s B-Alert product line. The B-Alert wireless EEG system operates as a stand-alone wireless EEG system or interfaces with BIOPAC’s range of physiological monitoring devices. Now you can combine BIOPAC’s BioNomadix series of wireless physiological monitoring devices with the B-Alert wireless EEG system. The B-Alert headset will also work with BIOPAC’s range of functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy products to combine hemodynamic and electrical brain monitoring. BIOPAC also offers extensive stimulus presentation and synchronization options.

This is one of many ADVANCED FEATURES for the selected Application. Scroll down for hardware options.


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The B-Alert X10 offers wireless acquisition of 9 channels of high fidelity EEG plus ECG, and AcqKnowledge adds powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting options. For real-time monitoring of subject fatigue, stress, confusion, engagement and workload, add B-Alert Cognitive State software with proprietary metrics to classify data from B-Alert Wireless EEG systems.

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