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Title: COMPREHENSIVE study on [Talk:] Methamphetamine [/Archive 1] ☆HOW TO CHIP☆
Post by: Chip on March 01, 2018, 08:59:45 PM

i read the whole thing so all i need now is my tweaker accreditation.

anybody interested in the most poweful stimulant invented should have a read.

what did i take away from it ?

the madness and psychologically damaged individuals who cook it and the NEUROTOXICITY that it causes.

i use gabapentinoids, anti-psychotics, low dose Codeine and alcohol to mitigate the damage. combine those and you have an effective neuroprotectant, IMO.

anybody got a better idea (?) H/Bupe/'done/Diaz/
Alpraz etc. excluded because if you use them then you should afforded some level of protection, IMO.

keep the doses low and spaced apart : to chip with Meth, it takes a dabbler 10 DAYS for one's neurochemistry to return to baseline.

Opiate chippers need 7-14 days (mileage dependent) between doses but if you are already addicted or use more frequently then fugedaboudit - it's near impossible / too much of a tease - in the end, i couldn't do it, either.

take lots of opi's and you feel great (but can easily die)
 <-> take lots of stims and you feel terrible (but very hard to die).

that's from me, not the archive but it's good to know how to be a real chipper - my lifelong pursuit. Ha.

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