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Title: How to withdraw from Meth (methamphetamine)
Post by: Chip on November 12, 2017, 07:42:49 AM

I know I am one of the very few token tweakers here and I am not really a fan of stimulant using people. I far prefer opiate people because they are mellow, rational and just nicer all 'round BUT this may help somebody, someday.

How to withdraw from Meth

Meth (methamphetamine) is extremely habit forming and it takes persistence and dedication to withdraw from meth. How does meth work in the body? As a central nervous system stimulant.

But for many, the initial withdrawal from meth is the hardest, and it’s during this time that the risk of relapse is the highest.

So what’s the best way to withdraw from meth, how can you find meth addiction help and what can you expect?

When Do You Withdraw From Meth?

You can withdraw from meth even after one use. Withdrawal effects, however, typically occur when you stop taking meth after a period of regular or binge use.

Withdrawing from meth is typically a little easier and less stressful for individuals who have not been using the drug for very long.

Therefore, it is recommended that anyone looking to withdraw from meth does so as soon as possible, before the drug starts having an impact on their health and lifestyle.

However, it’s never too late or too early to withdraw from this dangerous drug, and anyone dealing with an addiction to meth should seek help whenever they can.

Withdraw From Meth Symptoms

Nearly all individuals trying to withdraw from meth will experience common meth withdrawal symptoms.

Methamphetamine causes asevere drop in dopamine in the brain and one of the most common meth withdrawal symptoms is a deep depression. Suicidal thoughts during meth withdrawal are also not uncommon.

When withdrawing from meth, individuals will also want to sleep more than usual and experience an increase in appetite. This decrease in activity and increase in caloric intake can result in a slight weight gain.

How Long To Withdraw From Meth?

Meth withdrawal symptoms typically start several hours to a day after the drug was last used. These symptoms will usually peak a few days after last use and gradually begin to lessen in severity after this peak.

Overall, depending on the severity of physical dependency on meth, it can take anywhere from a week to a month or more to completely withdraw from meth.

How To Ease Withdrawal Symptoms From Meth

When withdrawing from meth, individuals should get as much rest as they need. In order to avoid gaining weight, they should also eat a healthy well-balanced diet.

Some people may also find that anti-depressant medications can help with the severe depression experienced during meth withdrawal. These medications must be prescribed by a doctor, though, and medical supervision may be necessary during meth withdrawal.

Can I Withdraw From Meth At Home?

It is possible to withdraw from meth at home, but most medical professionals recommend withdrawing from meth in a medical facility. Medical supervision typically makes withdrawing from meth slightly easier and safer. Some individuals may even need to be put on suicide watch when withdrawing from meth, since severe depression is a common meth withdrawal symptom.

How To Withdraw From Meth Safely

Although some individuals have been able to successfully withdraw from meth safely on their own, the safest way to withdraw from meth is under the supervision of medical professionals. Meth detox facilities are one option, but there are also other inpatient and outpatient drug detox and programs available as well. Withdrawing from meth under medical supervision may even save some lives, since it can reduce the risk of both suicide attempts, relapses, and overdoses.

The Best Way To Withdraw From Meth

There is no one-size-fits-all way to withdraw from meth. Some methods work for some people, while other methods work well for other people. One of the best way to withdraw from meth successfully is under medical supervision or in a drug rehabilitation or detox facility.

Drug rehabilitation and detox facilities aren’t for everyone, though. If this is the case, some individuals may want to attempt to withdraw from this drug on their own. To do this, it’s important to stay away from the drug completely to minimize the chances of a relapse. Individuals trying to withdraw from meth on their own should also surround themselves with supportive non-users and try to stay busy with activities that don’t involve using meth.

BUT Chipper will tell you an "easier" but more precarious way: TAPER with one small dose on day 3 or 4 - I have to get my partner to hide it for me (and i still spend quite some time searching for it ! crazy but that's Meth)
Title: Re: How to withdraw from Meth (methamphetamine)
Post by: Chip on November 12, 2017, 09:44:13 AM
see also for some lesser known tips from me:,744.0.html (,744.0.html)
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