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Title: just saying hi after a while
Post by: MoeMentim on March 11, 2021, 02:36:25 AM
it's nice to see a little activity here recently, welcome to the new folks.  i sure do miss when this place was hopping more.  much credit to chip for keeping it going.  i wonder how we could get more people.  i recall the search function not working to well but i haven't tried it again.
  I'm doing real well, completely sober 18 months aside from daily kratom.  it really does nothing for me but i can't seem to drop it.  i'm at a sober living house and it could get me kicked out which would fuck everything up royally.  i've been working on my 68 mustang when i can muster the motivation up.  that's really my only problem and it makes me miss heroin.  my bipolar seems under control with the help of psych administered ketamine every 4 months or so.  i can't wait for spring to get a good mountain bike routine going.  sitting on an exercise bike bores me to death but im sure it would help.  anyhow, hope y'all are doing well.  :)
Title: Re: just saying hi after a while
Post by: dillydudeEL14 on March 12, 2021, 10:31:20 AM
Really glad youre doing well for so long! I just checked out the hows everyone doing page and saw you were doing good, but last post was like last year some time ago so  i was definitely happy to see youre still good!

man i finally stopped too, i understand the feeling of no motivation.  like a catch 22, cant live with cant live without or feels like that at least. 

i know how th ekratom is too, and i agree it doesnt do much of anything. My ex didnt use and oddly is the one who showed it to me, i knew it existed, but she had it.  i think anyway, maybe i trie dit on my own.  that time was a blur.  but shed take a tiny amount of what i took and say she was "high"  i couldnt believe that haha.  all i ever got was relief and taking much more than needed just made me feel bad physically and weird mentally.  just so much stuff in your stomach.  and if i didnt eat enough food or the right kind before swallowing it id get vilontly ill and throw up and puke to the point of painful dryheaving.  like incapacitatig.  one time i was gonna leave her hoouse after taking some and got sick in my car, puked allover it and was too fatigued and nauseus to make it back.  the nausea i would get from it was unreal and wouldnt go away for hours no matter how much i puked.  eating something with fat or even just a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter completely prevented it.   if its helpin you i dont see a problem with it, other than getting caught like you said. 

that ketamine treatment is interesting, i saw an ad for it some time ago and i thought it wasnt real i dod not think it was legal . )  Really glad its working for you in any case!   youve got a long time !  more than i can say for myself.

Title: Re: just saying hi after a while
Post by: MoeMentim on March 14, 2021, 04:16:34 AM
glad you're doing well also man.  i get powdered kratom by the kilo to save money, it's good stuff as far as kratom goes but the tolerance is what keeps me from getting much out of it.  FYI the concentrates can be better and much less nauseating.  i sometimes treat myself to 2 bottles of opms liquid and i get a little feeling from that especially if i don't do any powder for a good while before taking it.

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