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a case study: Brotherhood incest and then gets an intentional dirty Hep-C shot


Psych Hospitals don't deal with physical conditions yet the mind and body are as one. Weird !

So the victim (my buddy) becomes a violent "pay per view cage fighter" and a self-appointed and professional defender of the peace and used to use HEAPS and HEAPS of Heroin (jumped off 40 mg. Methadone), pills (Xanax etc.) then METH and is now quite ill as he now has to knock back on all consumption (and we'll hopefully take care of each other).

Then his neighbour gives him a Hep-C infected Heroin shot 'coz he was getting dopesick. May you burn in hell forever cunt.

His children (7 multicultural kids including a doctor and a surgeon) disowned him for being the dirty junky that we all become, apparently. Peer support in action ~ we're both helping each other, i add yet again ...

So we are in a Mental Hospital and won't pass his urine test because his HCV scarred liver (CirrhosisWiki) and he is dying slowly so/and he can't clear METH !

He is deemed, as am i, as "Mentally Unwell" and this conditioj of his has sent him into psychosis as the METH remains in blood circulation for too long. He also has skin conditions and basically not well. It's easy to sport, his pulse and BP hasn't been dropping much at all whilst mine goes back to normal, during morning hospital observations.

Now his thyroid is damaged too, i['d guess (more on that nexus between the liver and thyroid).

No help is forthcoming yet so i have to try to fix it.


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