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New board for the victims of various forms of abuse


I created this board because some friends of mine have been sexually abused and have had their lives ruined in MANY ways.

I meet them through their drug use and addictions (usually hard and lengthy).

If you want to share here then do not mention names.

I hope this board helps people who understand each other.

count me in, I've been abused by the government all my life. ;)

governmental abuse ? that's a political disorder.

may i suggest an aggressive regime of hard drugs, PRN

 ::) :)

sorry for the glib response, i'd hate for it to keep someone from posting here.  for what it's worth i daily hid in my bedroom from my dad who was an angry, abusive drunk

man, that's a lousy hand.

thanks for sharing and you may be a drinker but i'm sure that you saw his mistakes and are a better man.


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