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Narcan available without Prescription in Colorado


Just wanted to let everyone know that Narcan is available everywhere in Colorado now. Pharmacists will write you a prescription for it no questions asked. Cares Pharmacy on 9th by downtown, has a really nice staff working there and have some on hand. They will get it for you professionally and one girl will even show you how to use it.

Most of the ones, I am seeing now are the intranasal which are a little harder to work then just having a needle and vial but its still pretty easy. You just do a shot up each nostril and I think it gives .01 to each nostril. Medicaid covers it so it's only $1 if you have medicaid. If you don't have insurance it's about $15-$20. If anyone gets some and has private insurance let us know how much it was if it was covered. Or how much it went for if you bought it without insurance.

The Denver NX Harm Reduction Action Center or HRAC that is downtown, is still offering safe shooting classes, as well as having classes for narcan and will give you a care package to take home that includes 2 vials of it containing 4 doses, 4 syringes, and a few other things like gloves in a cute little plastic bag.

Also when you register at the NX they give you a card, which makes it illegal for the police to arrest you for paraphenia from having needles and cookers. The people there are really nice, and they give out great info. They can give you hep c, and hiv/aids testing on site, and get you in touch with a lot of the homeless resources in Denver like homeless shelters, food banks, health care and clothing banks. and

They also offer all the NX stuff but they go really above and beyond to make sure you have everything needed for safer shooting.
They have little bags with a bunch of pre rolled cottons, different size and gauge needles for your preference or needs, they also have tourniquets, citric acid, and cookers with little twist ties to hold them.

They also give you plastic sharps disposal box's so when you come in to get new ones they will take your old ones and recycle them the right way for you. That way your not throwing them out anywhere that can stick someone like in the trash for a garbage man can get stuck or anything like that. They have different colors and sizes depending on how often you shoot and how often you can come back and exchange them for new ones. I love the little ones that hold 10, they're the perfect size hah it kinda makes me miss shooting up.


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