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Anyone have experience with synthethetic urine?

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Well time is finally running out for me at the methadone clinic. I have been there 6 months and failed every single test for weed and they are fed up. I have 2 months to start passing or they are going to admin detox me. I feel like my life is on the line here because I will die if I have to start using heroin again. My first preference would be to use someone else's clean urine  but I haven't found any yet. The tests are not observed so that's not an issue. But it is sent for GCMS and they check creating levels.

So my question is what kind of synthetic pee should I buy and where should I buy it? Anything I should be wary of? This is a subject I know next to nothing about. Thanks for any help.

Synthetic urine is not really a viable option at the Klinik, due to the fact that you have to be clean for all illicit substances, but positive for methadone metabolites. (So no, putting a few drops of cherry syrup in your pee won't work, it has to be metabolites).

Sorry to break the bad news but I've been through all this at my clinic in the past as well.

Hope you figure something out.

The problem is that you can't buy synthetic urine with methadone metabolites in it.

Either clean your system out manually and freeze your pee or use someone elses. It shouldn't be too hard to bribe a methadone patient, just be careful.

If you ever need the synthetic urine for jobs and such, I highly recommend Quick Fix 5.7 or later versions. Top shelf fake piss, passes creatine checks, landed me 2 Department of Defense project positions. They discuss any bad batches on the site so you can cross reference yours beforehand just in case. Really cool company. Always buy the larger bottle.

Diacetylmorphinefiend, find another clinic or a bupe doc.

my MMT doc. let's me smoke pot ... they are out there.

That's so unfair man, it's inhumane.

Shit I feel really stupid I didn't even think about the metabolite problem. Back to the drawing board I suppose. I know the easiest solution is to get clean and freeze a bunch of my pee but I am having trouble summoning the self control for that option. I haven't had any luck making friends at the clinic and I am afraid to just approach people with the question. If they get wind I am trying to cheat they will put me on observed testing and the game will change.


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