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An Acquaintance Died A Few Days Ago


never was told why but the tolerance this guy ran is nothing but very, very upper-end-of-the-line stuff.

★drugged himself to death, never got over his marital breakdown.

Injected humoungous amounts of Methadone into the femoral and ate 20 mg. Clonazepam, ? much Diazepam etc. daily. some days he would shoot 700 mg. MD.

even though he was bent, the fact that he died from his addiction and I had far more than a decade on him.

greed is deadly ... another one bites the dust.

... and ANOTHER online forum member that I dealt with has also gone the same way.

in this game of addiction, one must be prepared for news like this ... there but for the grace of god ...

having OD'ed and been revived 3 times personally, I take MINIMAL to NO risks, including the biggest hook of all: euphoria chasing via heavy poly-drug use and resist the urge to redose in an attempt to feel even better.

I also only use benzos half-yearly and only a rare social drinker.

brother, you never get used to it.


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