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WARNING: Psychonaught and Tripsit are your best resources on DOSING !


see the home page's "Cool Sites" frame when exploring MAXIMUM dosages for maximum euphoria/psychoactivity as most seeingly innocuous drugs have such properties that are hidden at lower doses.

My first time with Lyrica/Pregablin (hyper)dose of 2100 mg (or 12,600 mg Gabapentin) was quite an experience. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE !

I'm not telling you to "slam the pedal to the metal" but if you are the typical serious drug user then you need to know where to draw the line because if you don't then it's either the jail (gaol), hospital or the morgue for you !

Please familiarize yourself with those sites as they are best resources i have ever found so ALWAYS do your due diligence before pushing the plunger.

I know that most of us are solitary drug users (either the cause, the effect or both) of drug use but i cannot emphasize enough just how wise it is to find a sitter that is aware of what dosage of what drug you are going to take.

Or perhaps tell a friend what you intend to do; i wanted to build a system where medical proffesionals could find out what you have taken because in most cases they have no idea what you have taken and you may end up with uneccesary treatment (which, in my case lead to a chemical burn to my foot, another drug wound) or dead !

I foresaw too many negative legal ramifications from doing so (thank your politicians for that) so I never implemented such a facility.

I have ended up in Intensive Care with lumbar punctures and intubation because i was overexerted and had lost too much sleep, taken too much Phenibut (7 grams), Methamphetamine (300 mg. of low potency on already down regulated Dopamine receptors), Alcohol and most importantly => was on the second half-life of 100 mg of (an accidental dosage due to Benzodiazepine induced amnesia and unconscious dosing) Diazepam (which i had completely forgotten to factor in).

I didn't tell anybody so nobody knew why i ended up with smashed glasses, bruised ribs, no money, with the cops delivering me home and the paramedics strapping me down on the way to ER.

the Meth had worn off and the depressant effects of the rest just sent me into an unconsciousness.

This is why they always tell you to be careful when mixing uppers and downers.

Be a smart "head" and learn from my mistakes ... how the fuck i am still alive is just pure good luck !


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