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this is what meds my father is on at end of life ...

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As some of you may know, my dad is at the end of his life and is very confortable with no food and is dying at a retirement village.

I have accepted it and if it weren't for the pacemaker, he would be gone earlier.

We saw him extremely agitated on Friday as he was in heaps of pain and screaming so they have put him on a small cocktail of meds to turn his brain off and give him physical comfort. The meds are accumulating is his system as he is not peeing them out and this is as close to assisted dying as is legally permissable. It is his wish and we must respect one's final wish no matter how hard it is on us.

No need for condolences yet but i thought you'd like to know what he is getting:

2.5 mg Morphine + 2.5 mg MidazolamWiki prn.

i think i'd love to try Midazolam and wondered if anybody has had it and what was it like ? It helps to keep my mind on the practical theory behind dying and to transcend the emotion, any way i can.

So is this a good little cocktail ? He longer recognises us so that may be a good thing. We are working on decommissioning his pacemaker so he can finally go home, back to where he was before he was born.

He was on Hydromorphone when in hospital, a drug that in Oz is NEVER seen on the street. I envy you 'mericans for access to it and other drugs like Oxymorphone etc.

Thanks for letting me share this, the wait is agonising and heartbreaking but i wish he were on a more euphoric opiate, all the same.

Hey Chipper, you and I are in almost the same situation. My mom has breast cancer and it is now in her lier and bones and it has caused her episodes of dementia and paranoia, anxiety attacks and all the other horrible shit that happens to stage 4 cancer patients go through.

So I think I can sy I "feel your pain" honestly and you have my sympathy, or maybe sympathy AND empathy, I don't know.

Why don't you email me and we can talk more about how we deal with this both technically and as adult children of a dying parent.

Good idea, DC - check your inbox soon, i PM'ed you this time but may also email you.

First off, regardless of what you said, my condolences.

As to your question - Midazolam is overrated and 2.5 mg wont do a darn thing to a relatively healthy adult even when done IV.

To put it another way; 2.5mg of Midazolam IV will have the same effect on you as 2.5mg of Morphine IV.

If you want to try Midazolam and your in the US your best shot would be with IOP's with 15 or 30mg pills, but IV benzos are just overrated in general.

Thank you, all the same ... Jega, he is skin and bone, at 93 with no food coming in so 2.5 is HEAPS, i'd say.

don't compare him to us with tolerances who are young and perhaps portly too.

he is HEAVILY sedated and also dying, let me assure you.


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