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razor girl:
Speaking as one, Amen.


--- Quote from: nick on August 12, 2015, 06:28:20 PM ---Partly demographics based,but it's also proof harm reduction works.

--- End quote ---

That's an excellent observation, about harm reduction working. You hear that quip being bandied around frequently about "there are no old junkies" Bullshit. Plenty of 'em. The place is lousy with 'em.

I'm 64 and while I'm no raging junkie these days (don't have the get-up-and-go for it,) I've picked up old habits that never went away.

As for Makita's concept of maturing out, for the for most part that is on the money. It's what kept me clean for two decades. Then gravity sets in and with it pain and thoughts turn to meds, legal and illegal.  Though, and this is no attack on anyone, but more of a pet peeve of my own, this dividing up millions and millions millions of people into Boomers, X-Gens and Milleniums, like there are only three kinds of people in the US right now, strikes me as lazy-ass thinking. Thinking pushed by the lazy-ass MSM. I have friends from 14 to 84 and none of them fit into any Huffington Post generational chart. Not that there aren't distinctions but much of that was the accident of time and not generational behavior.

I'm not bragging but I was always 20 years ahead of the am I a X-Gen trapped in a Boomer body? Am I Tran-generational and don't know it?

Not that most douche-bags in my age group weren't hypocrites and eventually predators on the young.... Still, plenty of us weren't, aren't and never will be. I watch what each generation brings to the table and see how it has evolved beyond its predecessor and ponder it sincerely and hope it will eventually reach critical mass and institute real change. Like eliminate the war on drugs, the war on women, the war on minorities, the war on class.


Eliminate war full stop-probably not a good idea to hold our breath waiting for that to happen.a

I just was at a Bernie Saunders rally in Portland, OR. 18,000 inside, another 9,000 couldn't get in watched from the parking lot so I'm all into the dream at the moment. Have to excuse me while I deflate back to grim reality. The rally didn't even make the NYT either.  Front page was all fashion models in Bolivia and Donald Trump.

But yeah, at 63, you've pretty much made up your mind one way or the other. A junkie's old folks home.  There is a dream worth dreaming. Gotta be one of them with a golden hook up.


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