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The CURE: My Aversion Therapy (it is foolproof and deeply darkly absurdly funny)


Our children are the most precious resource we have so
let me tickle your sense of humour and conflict you with the best of intentions - SERIOUSLY: I worked out a way to deter child molesters and trust me, it will work !: consider the following medically assisted treatment plan of mine:

WITH A MILLION DOLLARS ON THE TABLE, whilst maSTURBATING, for the record, WITH distorted LOUD DISCHORdant VARYING BEAT Ugly music after 3 days no sleep (strong lights on always) with a big venomous hairy rock spider nearby with the lights on and being injected with adrenaline naked on a Viagra overdose drip and the bad BIG LSD overdose trip happening with everyone watching then in a cold room sick with diahrea with a headache and being tortured whilst watching computer generated (nobody hurt) MULTIPLE scatalogical screaming BLUE childREN HAVING SCAT sex WITH EACHOTHER
that results in bleeding with mom yelling at you.

... and it all goes away when you cum !

Anybody got a better idea ? I need a few days in the Psych ward anyway, just to upregulate my Dopamine receptors so please ring them now before they catch me. Ha Ha ... just joking



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