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TRANSFORM - After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation



This is BRILLIANT so please download - i was so impressed that i gave them a donation to the Children's Charity.

download the: After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation

or click on the attachment below

This is already happening in first world countries TOO A LESSER DEGREE ~ but it is.

How do i know ? Obviously because ... i can't tell ... but it is !

A few nights ago I watched something on CSPAN about Politicon discusses the Opioid Epidemic or some shit like that. It had some smart British dude, a congresswoman from KY, Chris Christy and Dr. Drew. The smart ass dude from the UK said Portugal had a huge heroin problem and every party in the government agreed to hand the issue over to some experts and do whatever they said regardless of what it was. They came back and said legalize all drugs and instead of spending all that $ arresting and prosecuting people, use the money on things to better their lives like pro-employment stuff and housing and that kinda stuff.

Then he was talking about either Sweden or Switzerland began giving pharm grade heroin for maintenance about 15 yrs ago and they haven't had a single OD since it started. They also worked on getting jobs and housing and other basics for the junkies. He said a large percentage would eventually decrease their dose with some tapering off for good as their lives improved.

His summation of the crisis is that you have to fix what's wrong in this country to make people wanna be anesthetized so much and gave other examples of outbreaks of alcoholism where conditions were shitty and people were depressed. I pretty much agreed with him on everything he said except there will still be some folks with great lives and no underlying issues that still wanna use H at the end of the day but I agree that it'd probably be a small number and increasing a junky's life instead of stigmatizing them and arresting them is a better solution to the problem.

Chris Christy was talking about de-stigmatizing addiction and the guy said "If you want to de-stigmatize it, would you consider de-criminalizing use?". Chris Christy got pissed 'cause he knew the guy was right and just started going off saying the guy was an intellectual bully and pretty much calling him an asshole.

Dr. Drew said abstinence should be our ultimate goal and that 12 step programs are just as successful as MAT so I disagreed with him on that. However, he did say that heroin is just a molecule and there's no bad molecules and good molecules. Then, he said the US govt. has decided that buprenorphine is the good molecule for this epidemic and the folks that decide that are too involved with the company that makes suboxone so I agreed with him on that part. He made a few other good points but I liked how he talked shit about bupe as the only 'good molecule' for medication assisted treatment.

The lady from KY only talked about legalizing weed being the answer to all the problems of the opioid epidemic. That was really her only argument or point. It was a really good watch but I caught it in the middle so if anybody can find what I'm talking about, please give me a link or something so I can watch from the beginning.

I agree 100%. Not just decriminalize drugs but rather make them 100% legal and remove the stigma of use over time. It would save numerous lives and make using drugs far less controversial which would lead to less self hatred for using them, less $ would be spent on imprisonment of these innocent people, and it would allow for innovation which would lead to open minded solutions that would really help everyone from the addicts, users, police, and it would eliminate all negativity surrounding drug use and eventually would lead to a situation somewhat similar to how we view cigarettes as a society. I think this will be the future of drug regulation. I just hope I’m alive to see it come to fruition.

I’m a firm believer in safe supply. It appears as if it’s on its way to us, though slowly.


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