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Guys, what do you look for in a woman (or a man if you swing that way)? Also, maybe start out by telling us how old you are so there's a frame of reference.

And bonus questions - Have you ever been in love? What is/was she (or he) like? Are you with someone right now, or is there someone that you want to be with?

I will post my answers in a little bit, right now I'm on my phone so it's kinda tedious to type it all out.

This section is so dead unfortunately.  I'm reading if you want to share, but I'm hesitant to talk about my own love life for reasons.  I will say that I've been married for 15 years this July, and we separated 2 years ago for a few months.  I'm 34 and she's 36.  Long term relationships are hard work, but we still love each other and are commited to each other as far as I know.

I look for complementary traits.

love can be unreliable; I am so glad that I never married those that I fell in love with (except for the one I married).

I am seperated but we share a house and we have a solid friendship going.

It's good enough for me ... I have drugs to keep me happy ;) !

 Well I look at the neck. I don't know what it is I guess it's some kind of fetish and me but they have to have like a slim neck. Its hard to explain, a Julia Roberts has neck like that. Let me try to think of someone else Angelina Jolie. A long slim neck.

 There has to be conversation. We have to have something in common besides just bumping uglies. I've had a lot of one night stands but most of my long-term relationships we've had something other in common and I didn't meet her at a bar. Ive had a lot of one night stands but most of my long-term relationships we've had something other in common.

 As far as love goes. HeAd is the only girl I've been in love with. But it how it started. She come hang out on my dad's boat with me and we would just sit and talk. For hours and hours about anything and everything conversations not saying I wasn't thinking about having sex with her but I just dare not tried.

 Then once we made love it was absolutely amazing. I'm glad we waited (6 months). Every  time we make love it's like the first time I can't get enough of her. I love the way she tastes. I love to give her oral sex. I love to please her. I love the sound of her voice. She is my Bonnie and I'm her Clyde. It just blows my mind every time I can put a smile on her face. So I guess to  me that would be love. Is having someone that you have no better desire to make happy. Just to please her and I don't even look at other girls. I don't even think about it.  I really wouldn't consider myself a expert on love. I do have the love of my life she's the only girl I've ever been with for 15 years so I don't know how to give you any advice on love that's just my experience. It just came naturally.
 I'm in my late fourties. I will be happy to answer any more questions.

It blows me away that we have a men's only forum and there is just about squat posted here. The world looks different depending on if you're seeing it with male or female eyes.
Romance.... I'm 51 and married for 24 years now (all 24 with the same woman). I am at heart a romantic, but that's not romance. To me romance is finding another person that you just want to be with all the time, showing them the real you and they like you back just as much. To me romance is pleasant surprises like tickets to her favorite band, or when she washes your car without being asked. It's the exhilaration of learning what each other's body responds to and taking it to the limit. Its realizing you've just spent the entire night talking on the phone. In my eyes romance is more than the infatuation of a new relationship. It's also commitment and being there for each other whenever you're needed...period. It's making it safe for her to believe in you, and knowing you can believe in her too. To me it means two people joining as one.
My marriage has lasted but it has NOT been easy, nor is it guaranteed to last. It takes work. It will always take work, and 20 years of work can be undone with just a small amount of neglect. And I don't believe that love is something that just happens to you. You don't just "fall" in love, that's infatuation. I believe that love is a choice you make every day. To me romance is looking her in the eye every day, telling her I love her, and meaning it.


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