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I've been told that many doctors won't do a snip snip unless you already have kids.  I have been considering having a vasectomy for a few years, but it's a point of contention with my wife.  She doesn't want to face the possibility that she won't have anymore kids, despite the fact that the 3 we have are more then enough sometimes.

--- Quote from: Thoms on December 31, 2015, 11:53:16 PM ---That was one hell of a picture btw! Yowzers! Well done sir.
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What picture?

In Oklahoma you cant get a vasectomy or have your tubes tied until your 27 or have at least 2 kids which I think is dumb but is to be expected of Oklahoma.

Condoms suck
We just had sex
You gotta start over
When you stop to put it on
I don't want kids and am in my fourths
I'm calling and doing it today

Good man, clip that shit. Nothing better that busting a huge nut in Andi after a week long dope binge. I've never had to wear a rubber with her thank god.


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