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So this past week
Me and HeAd had a scare
She thought she was pregnant

She can't take the pill
And we use condoms
I got hang UPS and would probably still use them after
I had a vasectomy

I wanna know if any body here has
Had one. Did it hurt?

Do they use a real scalpel
Kinda afraid of someone near my shit
With a knife.
What about a earth quake
Right at that moment
Or a seizure?

If you had one
Any set backs?

The reason I would still use a condom
Is I love oral sex.
I just don't want to go down
After I'm done

That and she won't let me come inside her
She thinks it makes it stink
I gotta agree because
She has the best tasting one
I have ever ate
And no fishy smell.

I just can't rely on condoms
I don't want kids
If I did I would adopt

smart use of this board hero1 - I commend you.

Damn brother. I'd snip it if I had to use a rubber. I don't have any real useful advice.. I know a good handful of people who have had it done and say it ain't no thang. The worst I've heard was my dad having it done and realizing the blinds in the office were open and he had his dick out for the world to see. I'd say it would be way worth it just to get rid of the jimmy caps.

That was one hell of a picture btw! Yowzers! Well done sir.

I've been told that many doctors won't do a snip snip unless you already have kids.  I have been considering having a vasectomy for a few years, but it's a point of contention with my wife.  She doesn't want to face the possibility that she won't have anymore kids, despite the fact that the 3 we have are more then enough sometimes.

--- Quote from: Thoms on December 31, 2015, 11:53:16 PM ---That was one hell of a picture btw! Yowzers! Well done sir.
--- End quote ---

What picture?


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