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[1] >>> The Drug Users Bible <<<

[2] [US] The Use of Buprenorphine on Methamphetamine Cravings and Addiction

[3] The Drug Users Bible: A Guide to Safe Drug Use

[4] Highly recommended: The Drug Classroom

[5] TRANSFORM - After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation

[6] Lou Reads ep156 – Tales from the Forums of Drugs And Users

[7] Forum Evolution and Current Usage Overview

[8] WARNING: Psychonaught and Tripsit are your best resources on DOSING !

[9] An old club mashup of mine

What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?

The human brain is prepared to follow the rhythm of a song or of a dance

New music (posted on behalf of Aballeyastert)

I Remember House - 27 February 2016 - DJ Rob Davis Poolside

DJ Rob Davis - Soulful House Session (320kbit/s)

DJ Baby Bear - Deep Tech - Vol.2

DJ Baby Bear - Harbour House

DJ Baby Bear House - Sweet as Sugar


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