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HIV and HCV (Brain) Concurrently - the LTS' Story

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the moderator, i hope he doesn't mind me speaking on his behalf, has been hit by this very rare combination.

He has Hep-C (HCV) of the brain and this is more debilitating than HIV.

the last time he was admitted to ICU after his second HCV treatment / injection ... what to do ?

he is being monitored closely by a great hospital and is currently undergoing a battery of tests.

(more to come ...)

get this folks, he has been LIVING with AIDS near on 25 years.

his Viral Load is zero but man, he's a strong bastard. Gay and no coward. Supercool.

his doctors have to kill the Hep but how ?

we are waiting on the magic pill that stops the HepC in the most gentle way possible.

no luck as yet but there are options.

Hope he is doing well.

he is on new meds to help or even halt his dementia.


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