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Well thanks for that advice ... but they had to find a capable doctor to insert a cannula in a vein that was tiny and I thought it a great opportunity to get tests done.

They lost my HCV results.

There is a hospital that will do blood draws by ultrasound vein location so that's my best bet.

But for now, I want to think that I'm HCV negative and it's not bothering me as the risk of exposure is quite low. Ignorance is bliss, type of thing.

The whole drama of drawing blood is an experience that pains me so I'm going to leave it for now.

I know you are a trained professional in this field and I do respect your advice but may not act on it in the foreseeable future.

I'm happy enough with the results I do have as I would be devastated to find out I contracted HIV so people like you who are trained to initiate the testing and deliver the news have to do so gently but firmly, with much empathy.

my methadone clinic makes all new patients get an HIV test within 3 months of starting dosing there. They have you go into the conference room, theres a nurse, has you fill out maybe 3 forms w/ signatures, they finger prick your finger , it bleeds, and they stick it into this little tube thing and shake it up, then it changes color for negative one way or positive another way. took me all of 10 minutes, nurse said the thing is like 99.99% accurate you just gotta get retested again after 6 months i think.

ive never been tested outside of detox's or methadone clinics where they automatically want to test you.


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