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Drug flushes HIV from cells



Drug flushes HIV from cells

An artist's impression of a HIV virus particle in the bloodstream.

Human immunodeficiency virus causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which, through advancing failures of the immune system, allows life-threatening cancers and infections to thrive.

Without treatment, people who contract AIDS typically survive for around three years, but currently antiretroviral therapy can reduce HIV levels in the body to very low or even undetectable levels.

With careful management many people with HIV don’t progress to AIDS and live near normal life spans. But the virus’ tendency to lay dormant in the body prevents it from ever being fully eliminated.

Analyses by researchers in Australia, Denmark and the US have found that a class of drugs called histone deacetylase inhibitors could one day be used with other drugs to “flush out” the remaining virus and be swept away.

The work was published in "Nature Communications".

Well that's some good news!

my friend who has had AIDS for 25 years has NO viral load but unfortunately, he suffers from advancing Peripheral Neuropathy caused by the indiscrimate dosing of AZT for the first few long term survivors.

he also has a slow but progressive form of dementia and is on a number of treatment regimens and drugs.

he currently visits the hospital daily for his meds and is a professional "lab rat" for all the new treatments ... some work, some don't.

he is also considered a very valuable investment and by doing this, he contributes to the greater good.

he is slowly ailing, is on a high dose of oral Morphine and as i said, most of the ailments have been caused by the earliest treatments themselves -- how ironic.

he is also a very close friend so i help him whenever he needs me ... the no viral load makes him non-contagious, amazing !


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