Author Topic: Personal Pregablin (Lyrica) for osteoarthritis, back pain and RLS treatment test  (Read 31 times)

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So i have debilitating suspected arthritis in my rightside knee (was using Sodoum DiclofenacWiki) and hip (800 mg. / day) ibuprofen and (up to 4 gr.) acetaminophen/paracetamol)) and a sore back at not just L2 but general lower back pain made worse by withdrawing from Methamphetamine !

It hurts to walk AND drive. Fuck that !

I also suffer from RLSWiki (Restless legs) and "body rocking" (akathisiaWiki) from the METH and Olanzapine and/or PromethazineWiki --- it fucken does my head and body in as it not only prevents sleeping but it's disturbing on a number of levels.

So i asked a local doctor for Lyrica and am trialing 675 mg. PregablinWiki.

Will report back on this non-opioid analgesic.

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Whoops, I added another 675 of Pregablin and slept for 14 hours. It can force sleep in high intoxicating levels above 1 gram but it takes at least couple of hours.

My friend took ove 3000 mg. with no persisting issues other than a significant short term tolerance.

Gabapentinoids are notoriously slow to reach maximum drug <>plasma levels and Phenibut does so in 3~7 hours !

Studies have shows that Lyrica helps and this is because although it primary addresses nerve issues, it also affects the CNS as those signals have to travel through to be read the brain to register pain (the CNS is the "brains" that control the nerves and is also subjected to a form of nervous system plasticity (I made up that term).

Too much Lyrica is psychoactive and causes significant sedation, first in bursts then ultimately you fall out.

Note: it is significantly addictive and tolerance, which is reversible, develops rapidly.

The GABA regulatory system has a more robust short vs. long term tolerance curve vs. the (OPIOID/OPIATE) endorphin regulatory system as it (GABA) is more resilient in the long term, probably due to it's higher level of presence and importance.

Even plants use GABA for cell to cell communication and the lower infrastructural item it affects is cell Calcium (Ca+) ion channel transport -- it blocks it and your CNS slows down along with the brain.

Since Pregablin blocks cell to call comms it also, at high doses give you a little "trip".

Not really recommended for psychonaughts unless you wanna ultimately crash.

It's hard to describe but presents more as CEVs (Closed Eye Visuals) but can get more bizarre at even higher doses as it then affects how you see. The effect is like a wonky TV horizontal hold maladjustment and frames scroll up and/or down. Very odd trippy exoerience.

You can still move at this point without the drug's resistance, YET ! Beware.

Even your vision (everything) relies on GABA for signalling.

GABA trumps Dopamine and Endorphin neuronal signaling and is therefore of more primary importance to the mind and body.

so do NOT get addicted to GABAergics as it's going to be worse then opiod/opiate withdrawal and could easily kill you, as demonstrated by the BarbituratesWiki and high dose, long term benzo users.

Abrupt withdrawal of megadose, long term dosing of Pregablin could kill you too, we don't know yet !. Should I die, I'll get straight back to you  ;)


'Don't fuck with high dose Pregablin (and walk/drive) except once in a blue moon and make sure that your bed is made first !  :)
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