Author Topic: MDMA Treatment for OCD and Depression? (+ a suggestion of mine)  (Read 217 times)

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This therapy may work WELL if used monthly only, despite the following discussion. Like treating PTSD but ALSO using Ketamine as an adjunct therapy to treat pure behavioural induced depression.

Use of Triazolam prior to treatment could further unremember previous learned OCD limbic memories that are symptomatic.

Prior drug naivety is the best baseline but at least ensure high doses of Potassium (K Complex brain lipid limbic action theory of mine) memory via optimum electrolyte preloading!

USING Pure MDMA at near NystagmusWiki threshold doses may emulate Sleep phase IV NREM Theta K-complex memory consolidation with the persistent for long term repair/therapeutic memory formation ~ just a theory of mine and probably completely wrong but following MDMA with a Natural Sleep Cycle prior to Ket. Therapy may just possibly yeild unforseen high value therapeutic outcomes.

MDMA Treatment for OCD and Depression ?

Answered by Diana L. Walcutt, Ph.D. on 2018-05-8 - Link

Ecstasy, or MDMA (3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a synthetic drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. MDMA produces feelings of increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth, and distortions in time perception and tactile experiences.  In other words, it’s a type of speed.

OCD is an anxiety disorder that is driven by depressive thoughts. But MDMA will give you a false sense of confidence. You will think that you’re smarter, more accomplished, quicker and more capable than you really are.  The fact is, it is making you dumber over time because it is destroying brain cells.

While you may THINK that it is helping, you are permanently changing how your brain is working. In fact, you could alter it to the point that nothing will help, not even Ecstasy.  Research has demonstrated that after only 4 uses of the drugs, the damage is evident 6-7 years later. The brain cannot repair cells that have been destroyed.

There is evidence that not only does it damage the brain, but that MDMA can be addictive. You will find yourself using more and more over time with less and less benefit. A survey of adult and adolescent users showed that 43 percent of those who use it are addicted. Withdrawal from the drug causes symptoms that include fatigue, depression, and fatigue along with trouble concentrating.

MDMA can also be dangerous to overall health and possibly even deadly. It has many of the same effects as cocaine and amphetamines. Things like increased heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, nausea, faintness, chills and sweating are a few of the side effects to this drug. Your body can also lose control over regulating its temperature. That means that you could develop malignant hyperthermia, a rapid increase in body temperature that can result in liver, kidney, and cardiovascular system failure and death.

Other drugs that are chemically similar to MDMA, such as MDA (methylenedioxyamphetamine, the parent drug of MDMA) and PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine, associated with fatalities in the United States and Australia), are sometimes sold as Ecstasy. These drugs can destroy your nervous system (brain) or create additional health risks. There’s a reason that it’s illegal and it’s not just because the government wants to interfere with your fun.  There are legal medications that can help you.

Don’t assume that your dealer is giving you safe stuff, either.  Ecstasy tablets may be mixed with other drugs without you knowing it. He’s not exactly regulated to give you what he’s saying is in it.  MDMA can be cut with ephedrine, dextromethorphan, ketamine, caffeine, cocaine, and methamphetamine.  He will give you whatever brings him the greatest profit.  Believe me, he’s not your buddy.

If, after reading this, you still decide that it’s worth the risks, then I guess you’ve made your choice. I just hope you don’t have a heart attack or stroke at your young age. Those aren’t very fixable.

Dr. Diana Walcutt
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